I see diggers

I made an animation I want to share in blender as a school assignment. It is not perfect as I had to meet the deadline. Tell me what you think and if somebody wants the models. The film includes a norwegian soundtrack, a soundtrack with only music,and norwegian and english subtitles.

Homepage with more pictures and the video.

Kult prosjekt. Litt minimalistisk men for å være ett lite skole prosjekt så var det knall bra. :wink:
Gi en lyd når du legger ut mer bakgrunns informasjon om hvordan og hvorfor du laget filmen.

Cool Project. A little minimalistic but very good for being a small school project. :wink:
Please let us know when you will post the background information about how and hwy you made the film.

you should learn something about movie formats/codecs. There is no reason not to use a common format. stick to divX, h264, mp4 etc. It’s a terrible shame when you go through all that work to make a film and then publish it in an awkward format. Then only some people get to enjoy your work. Why don’t you re-post it on your site in a different format (look around the forum to see what everyone else uses), and edit your post here to change that graphic to a jpeg.