“I seem to be having tremendous difficulty with my lifestyle.”

The models I made for the CGTalk “Icons of Sci-Fi” HMC. I didn’t actually get around to finishing them on time for the challenge, but they were fun to do. The Hitchhikers Guide has always been my favourite Sci-Fi series, and I’ve listened to the radio shows more times than I can comfortably comprehend. The movie was a really fun adaptation of the series too, and in particular I think they nailed the look of the characters and the world… er… galaxy.

Arthur and Marvin (click for full size):

Marvin was modelled mostly in blender, Arthur mostly in zbrush. Rendered in V-Ray and postwork in Blender/GIMP. I might find time to texture Arthur at a later date, but for now I’m leaving them as a clay render. I did find time to put some shaders on Marvin though:


That’s a very huggable robot. Woo! Well done it’s great 5*

Definately my favorite sci-fi by far, because of how purely random everything was XD
Very nice modelling, great work on both charaters!
and always remember . “It flew gracefully through the air, just like a brick doesn’t…”

awwwwwwwwww… so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Maybe cute in YOUR eyes…but If yuo saw the movie you might think otherwise…
“Oh no, not again!” < That particular quote has a meaning much deaper than the movie makes out. But I guess it would take about an hour to explain it anyway so I can see why they left it out :stuck_out_tongue:

Excellent job 5 * from me

+1 for everything said here :slight_smile:
nice work,i love how you always manage to capture characters and emotions :smiley:

Great render ben. Looks like you have been sculpting a lot. I can see great improvement.

He looks perfect! Just as sad and depressing as I’d imagined.

Looks fantastic man! I’m glad to see this done. Throw it up on Mountain of Minutes!

Incredibly awesome work!
Now when will we see an adaption of Zaphod? :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone.

@Dim: Will do.

@Sebastian_K: I’d love to get around to him. It’d be fun to do the two heads.

These are my favorite books anyway.
The robot is excellent. !!! And Arthur of course.
BTW have you tried groboto?

well done :smiley:

Wow… wow. I dont know what else to say.

Hahahaha these are great!

I’m also a huge fan of the Hitchhiker series myself, and I can say you did an awesome job expressing the mood of the characters. My only qualms would be that I always pictured Martin as a more gangly, skinny kind of robot, and Arthur just a bit younger.

But in terms of modeling: absolutely fantastic!! :smiley:

Great stuff. I’m a big fan of the radio series, books and tv series. The movie… not so much. However, that’s some great modelling.

@Freen: The radio series is by far my favourite incarnation. Simon Jones IS Arthur Dent in my mind. But the one thing I think they really did get right in the film was the look, especially Marvin, who is just a fantastic piece of character design in my opinion. Everything about Marvins personality and function comes across in his design, from the grumpy, slumped posture, the shuffling/waddling gait of his short legs, to his unwieldy planet-shaped head. I really loved the Vogons too visually.

Also, next time you watch the film, pay attention to Prostetnic Vogon Jeltz’s chair. I thought that was a nice touch. The DVD has some nice special features on the character designs too actually, which are cool if you’re into that sort of thing.

Life…dont talk to me about life… LOL awsome expression on Arthur Dent and marvin. also great job on the shading on Marvin just AWSOME!!! I’m exited to see what you come up with next.

p.s. I envy your modeling expertise I’ve never been able to model characters very well.

GREAT modeling ben. Not much more to say. I hope to get up to that level one day…

The Hitchhikers guide series of books have been favoutites of mine since the first page. :smiley:
The film, however, I hate with a passion. They made Marvin into some cuddly toy which he most certainly is not, they changed the story beyond recognition and they got Zaphod all wrong. I think they got Arthur right, tho.

But, again, really nice models you got there.