I should have told you this a long time ago. I wish I had.

Hello Blenderartists, as you may know the Dragon is back and he has something to say. This is by no means a self pity thread by any extent at all.
Anyone familiar with this?

It is true I have this and has been likely it partly influenced my behavior on this forum. If you read it it may help explain some aspects about me and you may understand.
I should’ve told you this a long time ago, but I didn’t have the courage, now I do.
Thank you if you understand.


how have you been?

Well then… join the club of having a psychiatric label…they say I’m schizoid, an autist… all kinds of other social “disorders”, of which asperger… so what… I do believe you’re an intelligent human being… and dude… this seems like an apology… don’t do that… you are the way you are, fuck others and what they think about you… especially shrinks… don’t EVER pay attention to what labels they give you. You’re you… other may find that disturbing… but don’t apologize for what individuality you have left. Keep doing what you did, though this might make others go a little easier on you. Keep it up… and fuck psychiatric labels, don’t let them influence your actions or anything, let them be a form of inspiration;)

Hey, you always wanted to be artistic, now you’re autistic… even better.

haha, JK

so you’re autistic?.. what’s new… welcome back!

Mmmmm… asperger syndrome. Time for dinner.

BgDm banned me from posting for a month, but I’m back anyway. I don’t call BgDM a jerk for that I probably needed a break.

Well, whatever the case may be, welcome back.

Hi again :smiley:
Things have been different without you; your departure was immediately noticed.
I hope you’ve had a good time away from us, so let’s forgive your extreme behavior of one month ago and give you a fresh start.
Welcome back!

We all thought you’d gone, welcome back!
I agree with Charlesworth999, things have been very different while you’ve been away (my international HQ didn’t keep getting blown up in Let’s Play II:D). While you’re here, check out my new dragon-proof headquarters!

Well… I have to say [this thread](http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=83968) makes me doubt you…
Have you really solved your issues, CD?

I can’t really say wether or not I will be free of any issues. But I can make an effort to be a good member here. If you mean the Draconity topic, I can tell you I have been warned of talking about that on a non-Dragon forum. But if it fits your definition of crap topics I will be sure to keep that in mind and still avoid any self pity topics or anything.

Nice to hear from you again! I hope you DO have aspergers syndrome, as it’s not something you should really joke about. I know this transvestite with quite severe aspergers, and for the record, I’m Dyspraxic. I’m also dyslexic, but that hardly counts.

My parents say I was diagnosed with it when I was 10, so I’m not joking. I’m serious.

I doupted you would be. I was 18 before I was diagnosed.

Just one thing CD… dont ever let this be an excuse for your past failures.
You see, it is so easy to blame your problems on something rather than laying hold of the one thing in your life that you can use to overcome your problems. I am sure you know what I am talking about.
This does not mean that you dont have a problem, but rather that you lay hold of it in faith, then perform the actions needed.
Faith is not just words, it is actions. You must show your faith by your works.
What you need is actual physical people to relate to. Cyberspace only allows you to dwell on your problems rather than overcoming them.
hmmm…I smell a locked thread.

Welcome back… Man, don’t make the same mistakes you did last time- BgDM might make it a permanent break next time something happens. None the less, it’s good to see you back! I’m glad you admitted your disorder. It always helps to admit it. I formerly suffered from it. It’s very easy to overcome. Just think before you speak. I still have little problems from the disorder (I have very shakey hands at times… guess that’s from carpel tunnel (sp?) more than Asperger uncoordination). I think you’re right about having Asperger. You seem intelligent, but you are a little unstable during conversations on the forums sometimes. I think it’s from the dragon thing… Don’t let it get to your head. Thinking you’re something that you aren’t is never good for you. Oh, and try to spend a little less time on the forums. Not because we don’t like you, but you seemed to spend most of your time here previously. Well, thanks for being so honest.


(P.S. I’m glad you came back, I was thinking about including you in a 3d short I’m working on for an intro to Blender Artists. You were going to be a dragon newscaster. Don’t expect me to finish it though…)

Who actually diagnosed you with Asperger’s syndrome?
You clearly do have deficiencies in social and communication skills, but that can be due to many other factors too. Frankly, from what I’ve read in some of your previous posts my guess would be that you lead an exceptionally protected live. Your parents took you out of public school, because the kids used foul language. You have problems with viewing cg models of the naked human form, to name just two examples.
This is of course just my personal opinion, but I really think you should see a therapist.

For crying out loud, I’ll say you should have said this a long time ago! Like maybe the first time Kansas_15 ever exploded at anyone! Well, I can’t blame you for keeping it a secret, medical problems are embarrassing even on the internet. But I think now that you have an excuse we’ll be a bit more tolerant of you now.

Try not to get banned all the time though, man.

When I found I could tell people about it online I planned on doing that. But I had to wait a month because I got banned from posting for a month. Now I was able to say it.

My parents didn’t take me out of highschool because of the foul language, it was how I reacted to the foul language, whenever someone said an F-bomb or S-bomb or whatever I would try to go haywire on them. I have improved a bit on that level since then.

C’mon people, stop telling CD he need help.
He knows he needs help and if he doesn’t, then there’s nothing we can do.
In fact, by keeping on being negative about him we’ll probably only make matter worse.
CD has several more issues to cope with than most of us, so I can understand he has trouble coping with it from time to time.
Do you have a friend or family member (someone you regularly see in flesh) whom you can confide in all of this, CD? You’ve admitted your difficulties to us and that’s the first step in the healing process, so be proud of yourself!

I sent you a PM asking you if you had it and you didn’t return it so I assumed you didn’t.

I was diagnosed 3 separate times with it as a child.
However, I’ve actually been able to overcome it until now when I don’t have any identifiable signs. They’re actually doing a study on me in Yale about it.