I should have told you this a long time ago. I wish I had.

I didn’t have the courage to say the truth, that’s why I didn’t send you any answer.

It’s not impossible to overcome.

I used to be very quiet and introverted (and a bit of a nutcase if you ask anyone who knew me on blender.nl) and at this point, I’m fairly popular and extroverted in school, much moreso even than most people.

There are still a few symptoms, some which I can control. I tend to be very holistic in my pursuits and dislike having to sacrifice anything from the finished product of one of my efforts. I can easily talk in college-textbook like speech, but I can just as easily talk normally.

So, you actually beleive you’re a cat.

OMG Blenderartists is a loony bin. :eek:

Seriously though, these kind of disorders are a little ambiguous. I’m not just being a typical sceptic because I know people who can show the symptoms listed under these disorders and I’m sure I can probably match a few myself but that doesn’t mean to say there’s any behavioural disorder.

Who’s to say that tests conducted at the ages of 10 or so don’t actually promote these behavioural patterns? Here’s a scenario: parents get concerned that their kid isn’t making enough friends because after all their kid should be the most popular kid in school, so they go to a doctor and get a verdict of a behavioural problem. The kid then gets led into believing they are different or special if you like that they need this kind of treatment and social problems ensue.

When your body is perfectly capable of developing a certain level of intelligence that you have the ability to control what you do then I’m sorry but when you start behaving stupidly, there’s no reason for anyone to feel sorry for you. Everyone can go around acting the way they want and someone at my work does it constantly, swearing all the time and being offensive and generally acting like a baby. Do I feel sorry for him? No because he’s just a prick. He probably won’t change and I’m sure some doctors would diagnose him with a disorder but the fact is he’s just a prick.

In short, grow the f*ck up. :cool:



Not really, but that would be hilarious.

I was talking about Asperger’s, which just means your mind is extremely analytical and has trouble grasping social concepts.
Which is why Icoxo keeps missing sarcasm.

It’s not impossible to grow out of, but you have to work at it. My excessive sarcasm is living proof. :smiley: Asperger’s kids can’t handle sarcasm.

Yes, there is self-control involved, but that’s not all of it. Certainly you wouldn’t blame people with Alzheimer’s for acting lost and yell at them to pay attention?

I don’t think the dragon thing has anything to do with Asperger’s. It strikes me more as a result of social isolation and most likely unapproachable parents/family.

Just because somebody admits to having a didsorder dousn’t meen they’re apologising, making an excuse, or apealing for simpathy. It can (and should) be a simple statement of fact.

Yes, but in this case he admitted to be diagnosed with Asperger’s and started a new thread straight afterwards claiming to be a dragon…:eek:
It does keep this forum an interesting place to be though. What would we have done if everyone here was simply perfect, like me?

And my claim to be a Dragon may not be concealed much longer. (which secrets being found are typical in this household.)

My father found out about the Dragon’s wings site. He read it and said some of it is only disguised as truth though it makes a lot of sense to me.

So what does that mean? You finally see that you can’t be a dragon?
Or… you get kicked out of the house?

I feel he may not understand fully about the full meaning of being a Dragon and doesn’t know about many on the Dragon community that are christians who would say it’s not incompatible with their faith.

I think if I was in that situation, I’d be looking for a job and an apartment.

I can’t afford an apartment and I can’t live alone. I almost feel I will have to admit to him or everyone that I am a Dragon though if my father reads this site he can find the whole truth without me saying a word.

I know he’ll probably not believe me though.

No, but he’ll find a new home for you.
A place where you can find people like you.
A place where nurses will take you out for a walk in a garden surrounded by fences.
A place where you can eat loads of those yummy pills. In fact, you have to!
A place where a doctor will listen to you and nod his head while he thinks “Jeez… his situation is worse than I thought…”
Yes, a place where you can sleep surrounded by fluffy walls.
And all of that just because you’re a dragon!
Isn’t life beautiful when you’re a dragon? :wink:

He already tried to tell me a little about the Dragon’s wings site. As I remember he said it’s impossible for people to be part Dragon even though it makes a lot of sense and it talks about people being not just part Dragon but completely Dragon which he said part Dragon.

I thought I would be able to keep my Draconity secret from the real world until I’m at a safe age to say it. It may not be possible considering the case now.

How could that ever “make sense”?

I could say I understand what he’s trying to say but considering I myself believe I’m a Christian Dragon that would be lying and the last thing I would want is to lie and I shouldn’t anyway.

Ok, so check this out, your father and/or your mother would have to understand your dragonism as it is hereditary right? (Unless you were adopted as an orphan). I suggest that you visit this site,
Then, check out the 11 drupkas. There is a lineage link at the top of the page, review that as well. Then, if you still think that you are a dragon, there is a contact link at the top of the page you can use for messaging.
I’d be willing to bet though, that if you review things a bit, you won’t be sending any emails to serious folks describing your “situation”. I could be wrong though. Just thought that I would provide you with the link in case you really need it. If you do message these folks,
maybe you could share that with us.

I don’t think you understand, many Dragons on the Dragon community have humans for relatives and such. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one where everyone in their whole family or one line of it is Dragon.

and what are we? chopped liver? Kansas, your secret is OUT. Google is not your friend anymore. You know what I’m saying?

You’ve gone off the deep end, my friend, and on some level, you know it. Otherwise, you would have kept this secret. We can sympathise with these posts as a cry for help, but we aren’t in a position to help you with this particular kind of problem.

Come clean, boy. You’re playing games with your sanity. Consider: what if you lose the game? Talk to your folks, your pastor, your teacher, anybody face to face. Get the wheels rolling.

My father doesn’t specifically know about my Draconity, but I feel he’s on to it. He may find Dragon Realms and my posts there later on but he usually doesn’t read forums.