I Solved My First Rubik's Cube!!! Opinions wanted on Square One puzzle.

And, I asked for a Back to Square One for Christmas, so its just in time, if I get it!

Has anyone here solved the Square One puzzle?

Woah really? Check my post in the finished projects forum. I just solved my first to day (the classic). And my second. And third, fourth, and fifth. I just got carried away…
Never heard of the square one…It’s cool…

Linux has a screen saver of the Square One, that’s how I found out about it.

Yeah, I got carried away too, so yes, today I kept messing it up and solving it again and again

Interesting how we both solved it on the same day.

Well done!


I had help from youtube, though. But still, that was only on two algorithms. The others I figured out myself!

Well it can only do good to take on a challenge like that. I’ll try it out later on. Thanks for the link.

you go girl … click, click
j’k …click,…

I gotta try that square one. I’ll drive me crazy!

Yeah, the Square One looks like a ton of fun, so I hope I get one.

I’m just glad I solved the normal Rubik’s Cube first!

i have only something like 24 dollars in my paypal , maybe i will order one from the net , but the transport by it’s self needs 30 dollars or something , i will try to look for one , but this one seems really challenging :slight_smile: .

Holy crap!! That Back to Square One is insane! I don’t have the attention span to even do a normal rubiks cube. Meh.

It is insane! Especially the screen saver.

Hey ! I 've got that one !
I drove me crazy last year: i wasn’t able to finish it…

I wonder where it is now…

If you don’t want it, and I don’t get one, can I have yours? :smiley:


I’m one of the types of people who MUST know WHY and HOW something works to get it. I finaly figured out the two algorithms I was forgetting, and I figured out why and how they work!

So, now I can solve it WITHOUT any videos or papers to look at! I can solve it ANYTIME!!!

Now I’m ready to try my hand at Square One. Anyone know of a program like the Linux screensaver so that I can try it before Christmas? I can’t wait!