I spilled Dihydrogen monoxide all over myself

Today in Chem lab I got this stuff (dihydrogen monoxide) all over me and got out without telling the TA. I don’t really want to go to the hospital, because that’s expensive and I’m only a college student.

What do you guys think I should do? Will I be OK?

Holy crap, I don’t think cellulose will do anything about it, I just found this: http://www.dhmo.org/facts.html

Just wipe it off with a man-made composite based primarly on cellulose. :wink:


Just make sure that you don’t try to dilute it with water.

What will happen? It was thrown on my back and I didn’t notice, some jerk thought it would be funny… the part of my skin that was touching my shirt looks like it’s starting to rash. My shirt is soaking in a bucket of water, I thought it would soak it up… if it reacts, what does it make?

Diluting it just increases the natural properties. The website didn’t mention it, but it is the cause of a significant number of deaths each year. It is also a universal solvent. Containers of the stuff have to be labelled with a shelf life because it has a nasty tendency to dissolve the container – any container.

I don’t think there is any hope for you. You are already too far gone.

As a Chemistry major, I’d like to say…

I’M SO PROUD OF YOU GUYS!!! :smiley:

Thanks :slight_smile:

We really are the additive inverse of stupid :smiley:


yah, can you beleive farmers actually put this stuff ON THE CROPS YOU EAT! :o
Theyve tried to get the government to ban it, but with no avail. :expressionless:

I think you should definately call the doctor. Stupid to take any risks you know. I heard once from my chemistry teacher of a case where a student got some of the chemicals on himself and didn’t want to talk to the teacher since the teacher had said before that it were important NOT to spill it. And he were afraid of getting lower grades if the teacher would know that he did.
Just beacause of that this guy got cancer and therefore missed all the grades in that year. Luckily he got help soon enough to not die by it but it were close!!!
You should definately call the doctor! Or atleast talk to your chemistry teacher about it!!!
You know that really many people die by Dihydrogen Monoxide each year?
Do you want to be one of them?
We even have special measurements to handle Dihydrogen Monoxide that has gone on any material not resistant to it!

On March 31st there was an online poll at a local newspaper’s website: “Should the dangerous compund dihydrogen monoxide be banned due to safety reasons?”
The results were published in the newspaper on April 1st, 69% said it should be banned, 28% didn’t know what the hell they were talking about and 3% said no. Stunning and scary.

The doctor just rubbed a special ointment that the pharmacist had to whip up on it and it’s soothed the pain a bit… he said it will itch a little for a few days.

3 out of 100 people think it’s ok to have this floating around unregulated? I think I’ll have to disagree. That is scary, because I could have been seriously maimed or killed by this. Allowing some stupid frat boy to walk around throwing it at people in Chem lab is unacceptable. I think I’m going to recommend disciplinary action.

I even heard that this coumpound can be found in great proportions in acid rains !

It is also found in great concentration in alcohol. I’m surprised it wasn’t baned during the prohibition :o


I’m always surprised that things like that happens. There are safty protocols in labs - why nobody is following them? I have a girlfreind who accidently drank aceton - lucky for her it wasn’t a big amount.

man i kow how you feel. i think dhmo should be banned.

wow, that guy should be PUNISHED! :x


I had a similar accident when I spilled 5 M Sodium Chloride all over me.
The chem other students then found it funny to squirt me with droppers of AgNO3.
I was sick for weeks.
And that dhmo can be really bad.
(I made that up)

The guy who was throwing the dhmo on people!



i think i should make my last will …

ok… letz start with my 2 tons of trinitrotoluol… whom should i give it?