I started learning Blender again for 3D Printing applications

I’ve became a designer and dome builder: simple clay doll, wooden chair, machine, real-size dome, and a lot of stuff. I would say I’m a hard-core DIYer.

Lately I felt this is the right time to have a 3D Printer and use it for practical applications I do to save time and resources. I’m gonna have an reprap 3D Printer soon. I had spent few hundred hours to learn Blender. I think I need few thousands hours to master Blender so that I use it to do 3D modeling without difficulty.

This experimental dome is made out of 210 steel pipes, diameter of 26.57 mm.
Testing the main door operation.

Wooden dome models

Real size helmet made out of cardboard and A4 paper before applying clay

Fiber glass helmet hell

Media server rack system

The first model I built while studying Geodesic Dome technology of Buckminster Fuller


Well, looks like you can give Bob the Builder a run for his money! :slight_smile:

If you already know the basics of modelling, then its just a case of learning how to do it Blender. I’d say start small and simple and give yourself time to grow.

I’d love to have a 3D printer to make some Transformers of my own! :slight_smile: