I still cant model organic things!

I have been using blender on and off for the past… 5 years or so… every time I have tried in the past to model a human or plant it just fails really bad. So the only games or renders I have made have been based on the main character being a cube or sphere. Or I just avoid organic settings all together… are there some tips or some really good tutorials out there that you guys have found?

You could try the skin modifier - it’s pretty good for laying down a quick framework for an organic character. Blender recently also got a dynamic sculpting addition, which should help things out if you’re better with sculpting.

Neither can I, but that doesn’t stop me having fun. Find things that you can model.

For me: Spaceships and caves!

Landscapes are easy with the plugin, so you only have to worry about the layout.

It doesn’t matter what you can and can’t do, so long as you can do something, and stick with it.
Sometimes it’s better to abandon trying to learn a certain skill, particularly if it’s just a hobby.

Tutorials are important to learn technical stuff. But to learn organic modeling you should learn a little-bit of anatomy, even if you do non-realistic stuff, and practice a lot. Use reference and try to understand what is wrong and why it is, in your mesh.

From the technical point of view: i first start with a rought sclupt to set basic forms and proportions (use skin modifier to start and than add details). Than i do a retopo of it and i obtain the base mesh. Than i resculpt the basic mesh for details ecc. If needed i tweak the base mesh.

Try poly by poly. Look at the Joan of Arc tutorial at 3dtotal.

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see this site, thalk about 2D , but you can found a lot of things very interesting , i found it awesome

It was hard for me at first but I ended up doing it poly by poly, Blender cookie has some great tutorials on how to model really good humans/human heads. As for plants, it’s all about hardcore practice. I know that Blenderguru has a good tutorial on modeling and texturing a good plot of grassy area, I would check that one out and try to apply the elements to other plant attempts.

One small thing, that turn out to be a huge improvement for me was to model organic stuff in perspective rather than ortho. Really helped alot.

Awesome guys really helping, I managed to make a horse decent enough for the animation I am making! But… I still have a long way to go

I can identify with this topic. I can approach any object and begin modeling it, even trees and plants.
But with people…that’s a tricky project.

Poly by poly as mentioned above is the way to go, stay away from box modeling when doing people/animals. Or you will end up with this:

Mean bear or delicious gummy bear? ಠ_ಠ Granted I made this in about 10 minutes… you can quickly begin to hate your model and lose interest all together. What you should do is take things slower and smaller, poly by poly.

Quad-building. I started with making a basic x,y,z cage that begins to shape out a face. (Using a photo reference). Then start filling it in, adding the additional edges matching your vert patterns on the 2 starting head loops (red lines in pic) I manged to model the backside of a women’s neck in short amount of time.

Time consuming? Yes. But you’ll find yourself less stressed out with your boring cube model if you do it slowly, quad by quad. Filling in faces as you go.

And of course dyntopo coming this month should help everyone’s workflow. My lame delicious Gummy Bear is ready for some dyntopo work. I use perspective mode way more than ortho. But ortho has its moments where corrections and checkups are made.