I suck at Blender and need loads of help

I really suck that much! I mean certain things I an read and understand but not Blender! I try doing the video tutorials but they won’t work! Could someone help me out?

You already have a thread asking for tutorials. In that thread you were given links to tutorials yet just two hours later you’ve started another thread saying you really suck and need help.

It takes more than two hours to learn Blender. Anyway, look at the PDF link in my sig below, download it and go through it - carefully. That’s as easy as it gets.

But please, one small piece of advice - don’t start new threads asking the same question and remember that some of us are on opposite sides of the world and might not see your question for 12 hours or more so don’t expect to always get answers in five minutes.

Look…I understand that you are new…so I will be nice. Just some advice…don’t post twice. That shows that you are impatient. Also, 3d animation isn’t something you can just “Pick Up” so don’t expect it to be something to where you just pick it up and BANG you’re as good as Pixar. Apart from that…there’s something called google…or the search link. Search the tutorials section also before asking. Its not everyone else’s job to find tutorials for you…Fair enough? Anyway…good luck in learning blender…I hope to see some work from you soon:D