I suddenly became dumb: magic UV

Hi all !

I use the magic UV addon.
I guess all of you know this addon…

since now more than 1 year i use it for simple UV copy/paste…
but today…

I’m simply lost !!!

copy/paste of faces just simply don’t work anymore !
I mean… i don’t know/remember how to make it work !
No doubt it’s a premature alzeimer ^^

But if someone can put me back on the rails, i’d really be happy !!!

Here’s a gif of what i do that don’t work:

Please help !!!

thanks in advance and happy blending !

I’ll surely bump this topic as i guess the gif won’t be shown in the current BA forum…

BUMPIDIBUMP :slight_smile:

as i posted this when images in the forum were broken :confused:

Anyone got idea on this please ?

Bump again ^^ noone have an idea ?

finally it appears this addon is bug-galore !!!

all after the 4.5 version is broken code ^^

too bad as it appeared to have interresting features…
looks like noone uses blender and its ( too crappy ) UV addons for mesh texturing…

I wonder what addons version i used, as i clearly remember it worked fine on 2.79.6 in the past…