I sure hope this thread goes here...

I figured the interesting title would get this thread read…

Anyway, hello all… As you can expect, I have a problem… I have a glass goblet in my scene, and am trying to append an alien to sit on the base… The alien is a .blend file from BlendSwap.com. However, when I try to append the alien into my scene, the file I am appending somehow becomes parented to the goblet mesh in my scene. When I move the alien, the goblet disappears from my scene… I can get it back by going to the object list, (in 2.57b) and selecting it, however, then the alien disappears under it. Anyhow, clearing the parents on both of the objects does nothing, and separating them does nothing as well… Any ideas? :frowning: If needed, I can put both the .blends up on Pasteall.com

Also, if this shouldn’t go in this forum, could an Admin or Mod please move it? Thanks!

I figured the interesting title would get this thread read…
Unfortunately the title isn’t very interesting!

If needed, I can put both the .blends up on Pasteall.com

I always find this more annoying than just not including a blend file. Just not adding them could be because you didn’t know they could be useful. With the statement you just made you obviously recognise that the blend files would be helpful to anyone who wants to help you but you still didn’t bother to include them, intentionally making it difficult for them. Why not just include them from the get go? Also given that I haven’t a clue what you are talking about in your post.

instead of using a blend-file from blendswap.com
could you generate your own and do an import from this
into your working scene?

If you cannot do it, then you cannot do it with the other blend-file.

Generate a super-coloured cube in an new blend-file. Give this
cube-object a name - maybe your first name?
Save it - and use a name like the cube-object-names … and shure
the extension should be: .blend

next open your blending-scene, where to import the alien.
But instead of the alien, import your super-cube and try
everything with it.
If you can do it with your super-cube including its material,
why you should not be able to import another mesh from another

You may notice what is going wrong, even you cannot express it,
when trying those simple steps.

Nevermind, this is too hard to explain… I will figure it out eventually…

Edit: I got it to work, though I don’t know what I did differently…

Also, in my defense, (I seem to be having to defend myself frequently here) I do NOT think the .blends would be useful… Because of that, I did not post them to make someone else try to fix my problem, which resulted in my being told off by a Moderator…

You don’t post the blends so that someone else will fix the problem for you. You post them so that people can look at them and figure out what you might have been doing wrong.