I think Ecks is....

secretly Cubefan

no blender skills, totally annoying, a cube-fan…

P.s. he’s going down.

Alltaken %| %|

Don’t forget to eat his children %|

It’s all well and good that you two have your own private contest, but do you really have to spam elYsiun with your nuisence :-?


PS: Go Ecks [!] %|

Ecks is a daddy ?!

I demand a Blender fight between Ecks’s child and Alltaken’s sheep lover! :o :wink: (J/K, well sort of, but not)

Umm, ok, I think it’s sort of cute Alltaken had found a play mate :smiley:

LOL, you don’t need to read it.

this is what… the second topic total about it? one from him, one from me.


wow, you have completele lost me. now what is going on … I dont know… most of the forums now seem to have some sort of thread about these two losers. shrug


are you unhappy with me basse?

i take that as some negative sarcasm.


I was nicer about it.


Ecks, you mean Ex-ex-warrior? hehe. Ex-ex is like Exes-Warrior, like exces. well. He has got a rock haircut.

of course not - how could I be, you rule! and together we will grind that other guy to a pulp!


Wow, elysiun is going down…

Neither do you have to read threads advertising free iPods.

I’m starting to be glad that I left. I’ve been coming back and noticed that there seems to be more drivel here than before. This thread isn’t the only one. But it’s the cake. The tip of the iceberg. I hope you guys get your act together for your own sake. I hope BlenderArtists starts their forum soon.

Not to be bitter, but elysiun has been having serious problems that were never addressed. For instance, moderators have for years been promising to do something about “n00bz”, various ideas have been thrown around but nothing has ever happened.

Also, elysiun has become a somewhat “wishy-washy” forum. On one hand, it’s advocated that people be serious and respectful, but on the other hand, you get senior member posting utter crap threads, like this one, and moderators who don’t crack down on them. I can see this now, since I’ve distanced myself from elysiun since I left. To be honest, it’s no wonder some valuable members left for CGTalk or other forums.

Example: the animation contest which caused controversy as regards the voting/nomination mechanism. The complaint was valid, at least IIRC with regard to sticking to the rules throughout the entire process. What this sparked was a flamewar including derogatory comments about the original poster’s country of origin. Moderators didn’t lock the topic, and some senior (respectable?) members engaged in the flaming. I was one of them. I admit it. I flamed another member for the aforementioned comment on the OP’s country of residence.

On that note, see you on the “new” forums at BlenderArtists when they arrive. Too bad elysiun has taken this path.

well personally i don’t really see where this mythical line is that can’t be crossed.

what is the difference between a post that makes someone really pissed off, one they don’t care about, and one they enjoy?

i’ve had a number of posts posted about me recently none of them got a negative response.

then i post this one, a bit of light hearted competition with Ecks who is a good mate.

so whats the deal?

i don’t see the problem, especially since its in off-topic.

I’m starting to be glad that I left.

i thought you were the most sarcastic of all blenderheads. perhaps you wern’t.


I vaguely remember this cube guy, didn’t he like the movie Cube or something? Anyways, did I miss something over the past two years?

you didn’t miss much…and yes he was the guy that loved the movie cube -_-

and alltaken, stop spamming and go back to your manly mom.

Oh great, another fake, lame publicity stunt for something between Ecks and Alltaken. I can’t even call this royal steaming pile of horse **** a real flamewar.

Your mother’s really weren’t…oh nevermind.

alltaken, i laugh at your signature…

If a webforum had 50 members,
and each member would make a post about another member “xxx is…”
that would be 30.414*10^63 posts!

Now seeing that elysiun has 16,000 members, thats an awful lot of possible “xxx is” posts! :o

thats unreasonable. consider that person a would make a post about person b and c. person b would make a post about a and c, leading to duplicate posts. logically, we could come up with ~16,000 posts without any duplicates

well lets factor in that 90% of the forum has never posted.

then also factor in that half or more of the rest don’t go to off topic area.

then lets factor in that 100% of the rest -2 don’t do personal 24 hour challenges with each other… then lets assume those two only do it once a year. and each time they have a BS argument to get the other one all riled up and into a competitive spirit.

i think its safe to assume that A) its not gonna happen often :stuck_out_tongue:

and B) you can’t quantify an irrational and illogical thing (unless its done on a big scale.)

if the post pissed so many people off then i appologies for my poor judgement. but it was in jest and was done to follow along with the tradition of last year.

Ecks and I both have big egos, so naturally we want lots of people voting. and want some publicity for the event.

I am happy for others to get into 24 hour challenges alongside it. it is an anual event. but the topics would be different as between us to its a personal battle.