I think I am doing it all wrong

This is what my blender looks like

To make materials and stuff do my objects need to be placed differently? I see full scenes in some renders and I think that is my problem, I just have a light and a camera and not a full scene, as well as my project not being on/above the grid.

Edit: This is what I want to do

No, you just need to look through your camera view - numpad 0 - and align your view to your desired output in view plane. You can use ‘lock camera to view’ in the N panel to then pan/zoom to adjust camera to view, then turn it off. Lighting and materials is all about selecting the object, and adding materials. You’ve got a good start, keep going and ask questions as you need and we can help.

I could just add to what Craig told: if you have reflective objects in the scene, as metal or glass, then you need something around to reflect, being both an HDR or other objects.


I’m a bit confused by how you explain your problem… not exactly sure of what it is actually. Could you explain a bit better what you’re trying to do?

Mind expanding on this?

I’m also a bit confused about your needs, anyway I was referring to what can make your scene to be a ‘complete’ scene, that is the ambient around the focused objects.

If you have metals or other reflective objects, as the most actually are, more or less, they will reflect the world around them; if around there’s nothing they will reflect black, apart from the specular lights coming from emitters.

The same is true for refractive materials such as glass or water, they will reflect or refract (let see through) what is around them.

As for the diffuse feature of materials, they will be enlighted by bouncing light from near surfaces, so a wall lit by the sun or other sources will cast a diffuse indirect light over near objects.

So if you want to make an internal view, the scene should be actually an internal, with walls and windows (holes on the wall or emitting mesh), a floor, etc. even if they are not seen by the camera.

As an alternative, you can use an hdr image as background texture, which will be mapped spherically all around the scene so to reproduce a full ambient.

I hope I’m clear enough

EDIT: I speak in general terms, I don’t know about BI and its materials, so maybe it’s possible to cheat somewhere, but in Cycles these concept are certainly valid.


Just to add - it doesn’t matter about the grid, you can be above or below it or nowhere near it. You probably just need to point your camera at the objects. The quickest way to do this is press Ctrl+Alt+Numpad 0 - this will move your camera to point at the current view you are seeing on screen.

These are exactly what I want to do.

Oohh I think I get it now! lol. Yeah, Ctrl + Alt + NumPad-0 should do the trick XD

Also what he said is better for positioning the camera