I think I boogered up my NLA...

So I made a nice little Blender animation using keyframes, and then I decided I needed a bit more ‘empty’ time at the beginning of my video. So I wanted to move ALL of my keyframes at once to the right a bit. I wasn’t able to do it with the Dopesheet, so I tried messing with the NLA editor.

I found that I couldn’t do anything in it because the layers were locked or something with a gear icon. (this is the part where i admit to never touching the NLA editor before) So I clicked all of the gear icons, and then I could play with things, but now all of my keyframes in the dopesheet have disapeared and I can’t re-add the gear icon. How can I get them back?


The worst part is that I never did find out how to move all of my animation keyframes at once. :no:

Pressing the snowflake “freezes” the keyframes into the bar on the NLA editor, so you can slide them around and do all your NLA stuff… Pressing TAB temporarily “unfreezes” the keyframes (you’ll see them in the F-Curve editor again) so you can make tweaks before “freezing” them again. (The snowflake freezes them – get it?)

Aligorith has written some helpful stuff on 2.5’s NLA editor here: http://aligorith.blogspot.com/2010/10/clarifying-animation-workflow-in.html

Why couldn’t you do it with the dopesheet? For what you’re needing to do, the dopesheet sounds like the perfect solution.

Thanks for the help benu!

Why couldn’t you do it with the dopesheet?

Well this is what I tried- first I selected all of the keyframes, and then tried to click and drag them all at once. But as soon as I clicked & dragged, only the one I clicked on would move. Basically I just want to select everything, and shift it down the timeline a bit. Is that possible?

Yes! In the dopesheet, press A to select all the keyframes, then press G to move them. You can even type in a number at that point to move them a specific number of frames.

press G to move them

Ah, Thank you thank you thank you! Man the 2.5 interface is so much better but there’s still all these random things you need to somehow know. Oh well, I can’t complain when it’s still an amazing piece of free software.