I think I'm going back to 2.49....

Alright, back in 2010 I got interested in 3D modeling and game making and such. I was using blender 2.49. Now, I come back, and see 2.62. So I download it. And I get into it and think “This GUI is HORRID!” But I looked through the manual, and slowly figured out how to use it’s basic functionality. And then I hated it even more. It seems like everything that was a breeze in 2.49 is a nightmare in this. I still have yet to successfully rig an armature in 2.62. It never works right, even though I could get all kinds of armatures rigged up in 49. And a lot of the keyboard shortcuts don’t work for me. I don’t know if it’s blender or me, but it’s still pretty annoying to not be able to press “E” and actually have something extrude. All of the little things add up, and so, I’m going back to 2.49, which, in my oh-so-humble opinion, is the best version yet.



…Riveting response…

What do YOU think of the 2.5+ interface?

get the Blender cheatsheet from blenderguru.com for the keymaps…


watch some interface tutorials from here…

more video tutorials and keymaps here


I only started using Blender because they fixed the interface, IMHO Blender 2.49 was a joke,
not even worthy of learning since the interface was so weak.
(Wings3D is pretty powerful, but its interface is pretty much the same way that 2.49 was, and that is not very appealing,
however at least Wings3d allows for lots of different keymap navigation styles, with presets)

To each his own, but the opinion is interesting as many people have said the opposite regarding the interface to the point where they do not want to return to 2.49.

Though one shouldn’t be surprised of the shock felt by people when they return to Blender after a few years of inactivity, there has been a lot of rewriting and thus you’ll find that every tutorial from the 2.4x series is outdated and incompatible, there’s going to be another major change in store for 2.63 which is the complete overhaul of the mesh system that will allow for Ngons and much better modeling tools.

To get up to speed on the new versions, you can find a wealth of information on sites such as Blendercookie and Blenderguru.

IMO the 2.5 UI is the best thing that ever happened to Blender, it was the sole thing that finally brought me over to Blender.

I totally agree with going back…
I haven’t used anything higher than 2.49… It’s just better to me.

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whatever floats your boat

Well, 2.49 will always be available for download (somewhere), so go ahead; enjoy 2010 forever! Just don’t expect us to come back for you…

E should extrude. Both while mesh editing and armature editing. I’m not sure what would be wrong if it doesn’t work.

I think the new interface is the best of all 3D programs – inc. Max Rhino and of course maya. it’s an opinion. You are free to yours. But I think you’re in the minority.

And in industry – the new interface is turning heads. Recently talked to several pro’s who were pretty amazed.

THere is always that hesitancy with all updates – old users like “the old way” but then get used to the new way and that’s it.


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Personnally, i use 2.49b for modelling as i find its interface just quicker to access every functions and navigate than with the 2.6x scroll/develop interface.
For sculpting, i use 2.6x that is much superior to the 2.49b sculpting mode.

After that, starting with 2.63 and the ngon support, i may start to switch to 2.63 and + much more as with its new knife from the buildbots testrun i had with it, it really allows me to edit topology a lot quicker than before.

Now if only the 2.6x interface was customisable without a problem (i mean in the panel to the left, where you have all the “render”, “material”, etc… tab, just right click on it and select “Horizontal” then feels the pain when you want to set it up horizontal because that’s how you prefer it)

But for the 2.49b functions i often use (Poly Reducer, Geom Tools, various downloaded scripts etc …) that has no complete equivalent in 2.6x , i’m not going to let 2.49b away anytime soon.

Fortunately 2.49b and 2.6x can co-exist without any kind of problem on my hard drive so it’s not like there’s some choice to do, they’re just there :slight_smile:

The guy who started this thread has a right to voice his opinion on the UI, unless he’s threatening to turn this thread into a flamewar over the UI, I currently don’t see any reason why we should derail his thread just because some disagree with his post.

Get the source and make your own GUInterface :slight_smile: dont complain, patch.


The 2.49 interface is a bloody mess compared to 2.62

I still use 2.49 as the main workhorse. (A lot of time modelling.)

I don’t drink enough coffee to fully appreciate the added humour.

I’m mainly wondering what can come out of this thread in terms of actual constructive progress. If anything.

From a UI point of view, people will always seem to have their own preferences. From a functionality point of view, the developers have a todo list that includes things that are missing / not up to scratch from previous versions. Also, they are human and therefore have to adhere to things like finite amounts of time and effort.

For now, just happy that there is the option of 2.49 to use in conjunction with 2.6x and make the best of both of them for free.

Hrmm. That post didn’t really say anything did it. Oh well.

Hrmm. That post didn’t really say anything did it. Oh well

Haha, well neither has this whole thread so I think you’r safe :wink: