I think ive found a cool trick wen animating

you no wen ur animatiing a guy, and you so want to press num 3 and get into perfect align side view but u just cant cus your guys isnt looking straight out in 3d space, well, i was in school thinking, and thought, if you parent 2 cameras, one of front view and one of side view/ and parented them to the rig, would you be able to use it as front and side view wen animating? you catch my drift?
no idea if this has been a common technique, or if theres problems i havent thought of yet with this, but thought ide just throw it out there

I think you have got a good idea here. You get used to how the character looks from those two views, but then try to make him walk in a circle, it should be a lot easier if you have those “front” and “side” local views. The only problem I can think of is to parent the camera to a bone that doesn’t rotate, or the view could get very wonky. Or maybe put a constraint on the camera to keep it upright.

maybe you can do empties

cant u parent the camera to the armature object?

no, no you cant

This is a really good idea- it’s unfortunate that the parent-object-to-bone function has been broken for some time now. I’ll be watching this thread closely.

I’m using 2.45 and I’ve never had a problem parenting an object to a bone. What happens to you?

anyone get this to work yet?

it works just fine for me. to echo Duoas, what exactly is not working about this?

i dont no wat alden is talking aobut, but im tlaking about the front and side view camera parents not the parnet to the bones

camera’s parent just fine to bones for me, both with parents and with using constraints.

works fine for alt-A playback as well.

but i mean, not parenting the camera to the bone because, wat if u need to move or rotate that bone??
now tht i think about it, u could just add another bone thats stationary, doenst rotate anything or move, just for the camera to partent to

Hi, I’m allways doing the same while in school or at train, thinking about technics, ideas, how to, etc, Excelent idea you had!

Thanks for sharing

Good thinking! I could use this in animations.

ok, i added another bone, that is locked so u cant, move it or scale it, but its parented to the torso bone of the rig, and the cameras are parented to the bone that doenst move. its worked so far just fine, wen i get home form school ill screen cap a video of it workin,been wanting an excuse to use it

Quick note for Alden - Bone parenting works fine in 2.45, but the bones have to be in Pose Mode to get the right menu when you hit Ctrl-P


Hi again,
Just remembered this talk, while animating a scene (lost a few minutes trying to find this thread) I dont know how pratical is the idea, but its convincing, but I just realised using keys 4 or 6, for views, it moves really well, rotating from the view you are. So, this is really pratical, I dont know if this substitues the camera, but… just to let you know about it! Simple and easy, even in the most dificult scenes, I can manage almost perfectly.

Take care :wink:

by the way, I often use Orthographic view, didnt tested in perspective, dont know if you people animate in perspective view though…I dont.

I do everything in ortho. You can set your cameras to ortho if you want.

WOAH totaly forgot about this thread, held, are u saying it IS practical or ISNT?