i think this egg went bad


Alright, for this image I think I pulled out of blender almost everything I knew. From SSS and fluid dynamics to using HDRI with the open EXR file format.

This project was done in a digital class where we students were creating 3D exquisite corpses (really cool idea!) I went a bit overboard with my head piece.

The original file was rendered for a print resolution of 240 dpi at 16x22 inches. File sizes and rendering times tend to balloon at these resolutions.

Just for fun, here is a 75% zoom detail! yay!
(its slightly blurry because of the DOF)

Hope you all enjoy!


haha growse… reallt good i like it! keep it up. whats up with everyone doing eggs btw?

Mutant icecream: that’s all i have to say about ths.

Sorry but “enjoy” is the wrong word here - it’s well done, yet rather…hm, gross but hilarious. You’ve got some nice shaders and materials there but on the other hand, it really looks like you just threw a bunch of things together…
Still, somehow catchy.

thaaaats naaaaaasty

This is pretty much awesome…in a puketastic sort of way…

discusing! yet cool :smiley:

Ok, this is probably just my overly perverted mind, but those two red veiny orbs kinda look like alien testicles which would make that tentacle an…um…er…alien schlong trying to stab you in the face? :eek:

Great materials though.

That is awesome, I don’t think I would have realized it was an egg but it is cool explosion of goop none the less. Great work!!!

Also, now that you mention it ChojinDSL…

ChojinDSL … actually it’s kinda funny you bring that up (and Smelz for agreeing). Some of my fellow art students had the same initial reaction. These are people who are trained to be conceptual in their works yet their knee jerk understanding was, quote: “It looks like I am watching a giant penis fucking the inside of a melon.”

This is part of the fun in creating art works, people provide you with unexpected analysis. I never saw the phallic imagery, probably because I know all the parts that go go into this one image and what the entire model looks like.