I thought "lifetime" was the particle life in frames???

I apparently have no idea how the particle system works.

I set up a basic particle system, but it doesn’t matter what I set the lifetime property to, the particles only hang around for a couple dozen frames. It respects lifetime settings from 1 to about 24… but set it to 1000… and the particles only last for 24ish frames.

I haven’t even begun to really dive into the system yet because even with a default particle system, I don’t understand how to change the lifetime of the particles…

Just tested it and particle lifetime works just fine. I can set it to what ever I want and particles live until that frame. Of course start and end values define how long the particles keep spawning. Even the default particle system should have lifetime set to 50 frames and end time at frame 200. Tried with version 2.71. Maybe a screenshot of your settings could help? What kind of particle system are you trying to do?

You could upload a file to help us determine which of the many settings you might have to change. Make a simple one object file that shows the problem. …

Thanks to both your replies–

@Tharx: that’s precisely what I expect to happen. Good to know that it’s definitely not working as expected on my end. Gives me something to diagnose.

@DruBan: In terms of settings I’ve changed-- I’ve only changed lifetime. I can’t get past that part. I’ll try it again in a completely fresh blender file, and if I still see the symptoms, I’ll upload it.