I tried making my first complete animation in 24 Hours

Hello guys!

2 days ago, at 11 at night, I came home from work and decided: “Hey, I should make an animation”
Here’s the problem: I have worked on many projects - animations, videos, 2D games, 3D games - but have never really finished any of them, unless I had a deadline. (Such as a school project)
Hence, I decided I would make it by 6, aka 7 hours. Well, I finished animating in 11. And never slept. Then I ran a preview render, edited the clips in premier, and then ran a real render… (The real render took 12 hours thanks to crashing and such)

Well, here it is - my first true animation. I’m happy but really tired of the song. If ya’ll have any suggestions or feedback, don’t worry I can take it :^)

(Oh, and I realize the story makes no sense - I wrote it in 10 minutes and had to change stuff as I went along. Sorry!)

I decided I would make it by 6, aka 7 hours

Nice work! The music doesn’t match the theme, and like you said the story is a bit hard to follow. Looks great, animations are tight. The timing and tweening needs some work don’t forget your 12 principles of animation. For 24 hours you did an incredible amount of work. Keep going its a marathon, harness the NLA editors power, and build out an animation library in there. In 8 months you’ll be able to create an animation in 20 minutes with your characters and sets, because you spent the time building your library up.

That’s awesome work for such a short time frame! Hope I can be as good at it some day. :slight_smile:

nice work bro