I updated my site

I updated my .blend hosting site. It looks alot better now. :smiley:


It does indeed look better now. But I can’t download the .blend files anymore. I get a long error message starting with:

Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /usr/home/users/05/pitfight/www/sh33p.anfor.net/Mirror/index.php:10) in /usr/home/users/05/pitfight/www/sh33p.anfor.net/Mirror/index.php on line 204

Just a note, you have duplicate Head, Html and Title tags in your source, you only need one - i suspect you either cut and pasted or used php include but forgot to remove the tags from the second file.

Also, the doctype declaration should be at the start of the page, not line 68? which is why i suspect you get the errors when you try to download a file =)