I volenteer to make your physics objects. Just post here or PM me

Do you need help creating that nifty physics prop? Have problems when it appears to float by a little bit off the ground? Just describe it to me (post on this thread), or better: give me the .blend file.

Features of the service:

Basic breaking objects.
Compound objects.
Float-free physics.
Modeling (if you just give me the description).
Realistic center of mass & density.

Helpful hints (optional):

Be specific. for example, instead of “computer” say “Macintosh computer”
Specify the realism. Do you want a cheap game simulation or something for rendering. (or in between).
Specify the scale. It is a pain to scale most objects due to the collision margin.

could you, like make an object that, say, breaks only when it hits at a cirtain velocity or higher?

Yes, since Python controls whether to break or not, it is possible th do that, but:

  1. Don’t you mean acceleration, as velocity alone doesn’t break things.
  2. You didn’t tell me what to make, so I can’t start.

Note: when the object breaks, the fragment’s speed’s can be set also.

can you make a working vehicle simulation with blender 2.45? The olds example dose not seem to work.

You mean the one by Erwin? It works fine for me in 2.45.

Here’s my car demo. It’s been tweaked a lot (model not mine) for stability. I havn’t seen any good blender cars, but mine is fairly good.


Sorry for the slow responce time, I had it done last night but I had to find a good file hosting service (evil polorix hackers).

hey cool thanks!!!

nah i mean can you make a, for example, glass that breaks only when it hits something at a cirtain speed or higher.

Note: the setup requires various meshes, objects and a python on different layers; be careful if you transfer it to another .blend.

Breaking glass:


wow… that seems like alot of work just to make one glass break… thnx n e ways tho :smiley: