I want a Commercial 3D app

I know alot of people have the commercial 3d apps, Maya, 3Ds 8, Lightwave, etc. My question is did they all pay thousands for them, cause you have to admit, some can be a ridiculous amount of money. I love Blender, I’d just really like to start accumulating some knowledge of other 3d apps, I just dont have thousands of dollars in bank.

You can download Maya Personal Learning Edition for free. It puts watermarks pretty much everywhere but it can be useful for learning.

Here is an ‘older’ version of RealSoft for free. You also need the other link for a serialnumber.

Are there any apps that dont have annoyances like that. Do any of you guys have a retail version of any commercial 3d apps, if so what did you pay? Thanks for your help yfkar and SoftWork, I’ll check Realsoft and the Maya Personal Learning Edition out. Also why I really want a commercial 3d app is cause I like the clothe, paritcle, and hair sims, and other rendering effects, that blender doesn’t do…
yet:D . Can’t wait for that day.

Thanks yall,

To you that have com 3d apps let me know what you paid

My recommendation? SoftImage XSI. All the power of 3ds max (kinda), for only $495! A lot better than the 17k you’d pay for Houdini:D

Blender can do cloth, particles and hair. Seems to me that you should focus on what you can do (a quick peek at one of Robertt’s or @ndy’s FP threads will tell you that blender’s potential is significant), instead of pining away for pie-in-the-sky “advanced” features that are usually 3rd party plugins that cost extra anyway.

Most of the basic concepts of digital content creation are the same in every app, just with different names and interfaces, which once you know the “theory” behind them, can be quickly learned as needed. Use blender (or Maya PLE) to learn them, and let your future employer pay for the software (the reason why they can afford those prices: they actually make money using them!:slight_smile: )

Also, I think Alias Studio Tools has a PLE, as well. More for Industrial Design, but cool stuff, nonetheless.

Try http://www.academicsuperstore.com/ if you want, but make sure you qualify before you buy.

Yep, Lightwave.
What i paid? Definitely too much…

Same here. When I have the opportunity, I will buy XSI Foundation though.

I can tell you that if there were one that I would pay for, I’d pick Modo at www.luxology.com . I was taught Maya 7 in college last year, and I wasn’t hooked.

So what is there that XSI foundation can do that Blender doesnt?

For me personally,off the top of my head, I think the workflow is much easier. It’s just easier to do stuff IMO. The animation tools are among some of the best and admired among animators. It supports a lot of stuff that Blender doesn’t (n-gons as an example), it’s scripting engine is more thoroughly tied into various features of the program like, expressions on rigs. Oh, Industrial grade rendering engine that is a standard in the industry (Mental Ray) and XSI is said to have the best MR integration of any app.

Usability is a huge thing for me. Yes, I can do stuff in Blender but, I can do stuff easier in other apps.

Truth is I get 3dsmax through the “alternative way”. But so far I havent do any commercial work with it. I cannot affor a single license with it. Most of the time for personal/non commercial works and also for training myself, since here the average companies use 3DSMax.

Although blender already provides everything I need, my connection with my team really does matter, for speed and compatibility issues.

3DSMax is the software I was learn from the very first time. So I get depended with it. But if you do learn Blender from the start, it won’t matter much.

Blender already have what most commercial softwares have. Hair, particle, cloth, even fluid and compositing tool. So I don’t think there’re any good reason why you should go with another software especially commercial one.

If you want to jump into 3D career, your portfolio is what really matters. If you have good portfolio, about the softwares most of the time they will be gladly teach you whatever software they’re using. Don’t forget you can ask your teammates to teach you also.

But again, even at work, it’s what you deliver that matter most, not on what softwares or how you built it.

hope that helps

sadly, most people who get the great 3d apps like Cinema 4d, 3ds, maya, etc, get them illegally (warez), because they don’t have the money to buy them. i’m not supporting it, i’m just answering your first question with a general “no”.

Don’t get 3D Studio Max as it’s a discontinued program. Autodesk bought out Alias and is selling and developing Maya instead. And Maya Complete ($2,000) has less features than Blender; You need Maya Unlimited ($7,000) to get the fluid, hair, and cloth simulation, all of which Blender has now. In other words, the best of the best 3D software out there commercially is equivilent to Blender. Now, you choose: Free software that is LEGAL, or $7,000 for an equivilent commercial app.

Blender never sounded so good, did it?

For the record, I have Maya Unlimmited, and I got it the other way from a freind of mine at my 3D animation class I had over the summer. And the features it has (like fluid sim) are less accurate and harder to use than Blender’s features.

Hi all

my $0.02 AUD follows…

I think Maya is easily the best 3d app anywhere ever (unlimited that is), but Blender is definately second.

Maya it is built entirely from a “have the money to run it legally, train people to use it, support in with an IT system and use it too make a SHIT-LOAD of money” perspective. Very different from the perspective that alot of Blender users have (please be sure that I’m not being degrading of Blender or Blenderer’s at all).

Face it: More 3d animation, VFX, Games Dev, advertising houses use maya than other wares for a reason (actually a bunch of them).

I don’t think for a second that I could get a better 3d app than Blender unless I buy Maya or the top stream of C4D or XSI (or maybe max, but I’m not a max fan). So, unless you’ver got that kinda of cash (and no matter how much you hate big companies, please don’t go with Warez), stick with blender.

Just a note to Tynach: Max is not going to be discontinued anytime soon, what is more likely to happen, is that they will (and already are) marketing Max as an out-of-the box solution aimed it seems at small shops and games dev, and Maya as a fully customisable solution for large scale projects and big facilities.

Also, I cannot agree that Maya complete is less featured than Blender. What about Expression editor (procedural animation- Blender NEEDS this), everything (and I mean everything) being keyframable, render layers and passes, Full body IK, full attribute painting, more developed dynamics engine (although Blenders is very good), and the list goes on.

What Blender does have is alot of VERY pro features that only Maya and the other top apps have, like attribute painting, fluids (blenders fluids is different to maya’s system), very good particles, nodes (which make blender VERY pro), scripting, sculpt modelling, real-time physics and many more… None of the smaller have all of these.

Plus, Blender (and gimp, scribus, ardour and all open-source apps) are the future of the revolution.


Is there anyway that one can combind 3D apps? Like use Maya for for some things and use Blender for others? Or should these apps pretty much just stick to themselves?

Most serious houses use MANY apps.

You can always use compositing wares to composite fianl renders, or use importers/exporters to transfer files, but these usually only take the geometry. Blender has a great range of these.


Here’s a proposal, I was considering possibly using blender for everything, minus detailed character animation. For that I would use Maya. Is it possible for me to Render my Maya characters in Blender?

I think the only way to go from Maya to Blender is via an .obj exporter, which is geometry only. The reason you’d want to use Maya for character animation is probably because of Maya’s toolset, therefore Blender won’t be able to import the animated characters from Maya because it doesn’t support Maya CA toolset, if it did, you woul;dn’t want to use maya in the first place…

My advice: Use Blender, unless you’ve got to learn Maya for a 3D job, or have the cash for it. And if you’ve got Maya, you’d probably want to use it for everything anyway, as it’s rather complex and if you spend all that time learning the Character Animation part of it, you’ll know most everything else you’ll need to know to do everything else with it. You’re proposal sounds a bit weird to me!

Blender is more than capable of high-quality character animation, especially with the 2.42 update, so give it a go in blender. Plus, the support network for Blender far out-weighs that for any other app I’ve ever used.