I want a Commercial 3D app

Blender is increasingly becoming more and more like a commercial app in features and look and feel. Since I don’t have the money to buy the big ones nor the intention to get them illegally, I’d stick with Blender.:rolleyes:

explain “detailed character animation”?

Seeing the example of facial and body rig from Elephants Dream I say blender is capable of doing this. Again, it’s not about the software.

No matter how sophisticated the software is if the user is not familiar with it, then he/she won’t be able to build anything “detailed”. for example, softimage Face/Robot… cool technology. But if you don’t know how to use it properly and maximally, the result wont be much different than using morphing techniques.

Or the hair in Maya. Heck that’s really something when seeing the demontration movies. But if you don’t know how to set the simulation right, the rendering setting properly, what you get is a bunch of pikes sticking out on a head.

Just recently, my friend also been playing with the hairfx + mental ray + SSS and multiple passes for the hair for almost three weeks for a character he build. I don’t want to insult his work, but errr… the result doesn’t look good.

Throw away the thoughts that the more sophisticated (or expensive) the softwares you own will make you a better artist. It’ll help you with your work, but it definitely won’t make you a better artist.

2 Years ago I downloaded Maya5 PLE, Leant a lot. I could not buy Maya because it was very expensive and $1100 every year you have to pay for new version. There are 2 versions of Maya ( at that time I don’t know now one for $2000, and another for $3500)

I downloaded Blender. It took me 1 month to move a ball from here to there. But Now Blender is the BEST.
I tried for mixing of sound but could not succeed. For mixing I baught Sony vega movie studio for $120 that much you can pay. Now see I do work in blender, render as .mov and use Sony vega to mix the sound and create mpg. You can see my 17 mpg files at my home page. These all files are created using Blender.

I think You should have these 3 softwares for sure

  1. Blender
  2. Audacity ( For analysing sound )
  3. Gimp for Picture
  4. Any commercial for mixing ( I tried for freeware but …)

Yours KK Rawal

It seems to me a bit like you want a commercial app just to have a commercial app. It won’t make you a better artist…

I’ve tried both Maya and Max, but for that money, it’s just not worth it, especially so for someone who doesn’t own a billion-worth company. Blender can do much of what these apps can do, and in some aspects even outrun them. The only commercial 3d-app I’d consider to buy is Pixologic’s Zbrush. But I’m not sure whether it’s worth it or not now when Blender’s soon got it’s own homebrew version. :wink:

How do people feel that a program light Lightwave compares to Blender?

I would say, stick to blender. But since it’s your money involved here, up to you whatever choice you decide :slight_smile:

I know that you suggest to stick with Blender. But why?, Money aside.

Look in the first page, there were two posts there from people who had bought Lightwave. They didn’t think it was worth the money.

Except the fact that Blender is free, it’s a great application. When you know it, you can do stuff very quickly. You can script your own plugin, or download others. Great community (as you would know…). Particles, fluid simulation, soon sharpconstruct inside blender. There are plenty of reasons. I’d say the question isn’t why to choose Blender, the question is why not.

Why are you going to spend $$$, when you haven’t even mastered blender? There is really no reason, unless you need a special feature or compatibility.

Keep using Blender.(For example it might be easier or more efficient for you to model & uvmap in blender then export) Then if you want to add a retail application to your arsenal. Demo them. You can get XSI from here: http://www.sharbor.com/products/SOFN0300011.html , then this plug in: http://www.shaders.moederogall.com/BHairy/downloads.html . If you can’t afford the software right away you can always download the game mod app(you won’t be able to render anything). From their website & use it to learn the software until you can buy it.

If you’re interested in Lightwave contact Newtek. Ask them for a demo. Though I see a lot of people complaining about it’s character animation tools. So I think people are using it to model then export to Maya, XSI, or Messiah. To animate then use Point Oven to send it Back to Lightwave to use the Render Engine. Then again you might like the character animation tools so you have to give it a shot. Or you could get Messiah: http://www.projectmessiah.com/

There are probably just as many reasons to not run Blender as there is too run it. Particles and Fluid are not always selling points, I personally don’t use either. Hair is only a mild concern as, most of the stuff I do is toony (and I don’t mean cel shaded).

And, for what it’s worth, at the time I bought LW, it was absolutely worth it. The LW community back then was a lot stronger/friendlier than it is now. One of the reasons I don’t care much for LW anymore is that the developers IMO stopped listening to the users and, LW8 seemed like nothing more than a featureless stepping stone to LW9.

Read my posts above. Softwares are just mere tools. No matter how expensive or sophisticated they are they won’t make you a better artist. And as a tool, Blender is as good as commercial softwares out there, if we talk about features.

Don’t ever blame the software if you can’t make something good enough with it.

See the examples. Like Andy Goralczyk works, Bassam Kurdali and all the Elephants Dream crew works. On the other side, I see alot commercial software user works don’t live up to that kind of quality.

Even if the software cost you $10000000000, if you can’t use it maximally, then don’t expect to produce the next Final Fantasy with it lol.

Your argument is only partially true. If you don’t have any level of skill, no tool is going to make you an artist but, better tools make the process of creation easier. If this weren’t the case, we would all still be using crushed berries and painting on cave walls with our fingers. Just because someone can’t use Blender or finds it difficult to work with does not make them a poor artist either.

If you don’t have any level of skill, no tool is going to make you an artist but, better tools make the process of creation easier.

yes that’s what I was saying from the first place isn’t it? It’ll help you with your work, but won’t make you better artist. Let alone if you don’t really know how to use it to its fully potential.

Take it to a more extreme example, did Leonardo Da Vinci even used Maya or Lightwave back then? lol.

Just because someone can’t use Blender or finds it difficult to work with does not make them a poor artist either.

I’ve tried many software packages before. 3D softwares are becoming more and more similar one another throughout the ages. With an exception of softwares such as Zbrush or Deeppaint3D of course. Those two serves a way much different purpose anyway. I’m saving money to get either one of them. But the basis of modeling, unwrapping, animation and stuffs everything is so similar one package to another.

For bigger company softwares they use is really matter alot, since replacing a software in their pipeline would cost alot and risking themselves of cripling the pipeline or workflow. But for personal need, it won’t be a matter of workflow or pipelining. It’s all the matter of the individual preferences.

Nevertheless, as I’ve said earlier, since it’s not my money involved here, the choice is up to whatever stingslang decide.

Alright this is all very true, but right now I am looking for a relatively inexpensive suite that makes up for blender in areas that it falls short, namely cloth, hair, fluids and special effects. I’m torn either between Lightwave and Softimage Foundation at this point. Can anyone help me with this?

Those are just the opinions of two people. Here’s a third: I bought LightWave 8 in late 2004 and just upgraded to 9 and consider it the best investment I’ve made to date.


I don’t beleive there is any inexpensive softwares that beats blender (and I wouldn’t consdier LightWave inexpensive). XSI foundation definately doesn’t deal with high-end particles, cloth fluids etc…

Seriously, use Blender to it’s max, and then worry about what you can’t do in it.

You’re not in any position to know what Blender can and can’t do if you’ve not tried all the different approaches it offers to many different solutions. I don’t understand this need for a commercial app…


Interesting, what do you use it for? Modeling, animation, what? :slight_smile: How does it compare to Blender?

well, why don’t you go buy XSI foundation and give your report here on how it’s compared to blender in term of facility :D. The licensing is upgradable if you’re not satisfied with the foundation facilities :). XSI foundation is more like “try it, if you need more, just upgrade”.

Lightwave is quite a good deal. There’re no “downgraded” license type like XSI. When you buy Lightwave, it’s Lightwave, there’s no Lightwave foundation, Lightwave complete or such. So you can go to either XSI foundation or Lightwave. It’s your choice.

And after you buy it plz do post some of your early works with them in this forum :slight_smile:

I’m a long time Maya user but i’ve recently moved almost exclusively to Blender. Maya is a nightmare in regards to certain things such as stability, uv mapping, and the general workflow within maya. Most studios that use maya practically rewrite half the program to get it to a usable state (most of maya is mel script). Maya is also bloated and full of old code that tends to s**t on you randomly. It’s best renderer, mental ray, hates tiffs and can be very picky about other file formats for textures (no 16 bit psd support either). The Unlimited features are really not worth it either. Fluid simulation is much slower and less accurate than blender’s (although it can do things like smoke nicely) Hair is nothing more than soft body curves repackaged and resold. Cloth is unbearably slow and buggy. Poly modeling is not fun at all in maya. I’ve found maya in general to be far less than advertised. People argue that maya’s strength is that it is customizable. Well… What’s more customizable than having the source code for blender and a nice scriping language.