I want a Polygon Logo design.

Hello, it’s Pawsonix here and I am looking for someone to make me a Polygon logo of a Anubis which is a ancient dog/wolf/cat god in the egyptian times. Post on here or message me if you can take your time to make this.
If I like it I will pay good money.

-Thanks and good luck :slight_smile:

I don’t think that “if you like it you will pay” will make anybody here make an offer.

How much is this worth for you and will you pay 50% upfront?

How about some contact info so some of us here can decide if you are actually in a position to pay. Besides it is tactless to make an open contract with several artists and only have the intent of paying one of them.

After a google search of the name “paw sonic x” I would suggest some more details on how much the pay out would be, And what your expectations are.

I am interested in your offer, PM sent.

How much is “good money”, and what quality are you expecting?

This statement qualifies this posting as deferred pay. Moved from “Paid Work” to “Volunteer Work”

I once had friend who showed interest in a painting, that an artist was working on.
The Artist said i’ll finish it within a few month’s and in the end you pay how much that you like it.

Since my friend is not whealty at all, to him 200 Euro’s is a lot of money, and honestly he was thinking to support the Artist with it.
The artist claiming to have had worked weeks on his sublime painting got angry, as he was suspecting something close to 4000 euro.
It was a fine-art work, real small details etc. It almost became a court case.

In the end both got unhappy, much better would it be talk first.
Give a price indication, and talk about what you want from an artist.
So both know what it will be alike.
This is verry normal, but verry often forgoten by those who sell or buy creative works.
They forget that in the real world, things go by real prices. …

Exactly. I absolutely could do this work well and quickly, but there is no way to know that they will come through on the offer, or even what the compensation will even end up being. I will not be spending any time on it until we get more information.

Hell, I think there is a fair number of people that would do it for free, just for the lawls. But none of them would want to be jerked around by someone on an ego trip.