I want a sky with clouds -> best way to get this done?

Hi again,
I don’t know if this question belongs into this part of the forum. Moderators -> feel free to move it if it doesn’t fit :wink:

I am somewhat new to Blender and have plenty experience with other 3D modelling/Raytracing packages. In the prior software packages I used, it was more or less no problem to set up the sky for exterior scenes, but I am quite stuck in Blender getting this done.

My current scene is a exterior scene featuring a terrace at the seaside with a seaview. The scene will be animated later (camera flights, object animation). I searched the web for tutorials and found different solutions such as building a skybox. This looks quite well, but not really good. I assume that a skybox is rather a compromise when using the game engine. But I want a simple scene for a video and not a game.

So, what are your tips for getting a realistic sky with cloudsetc. to make the scene look REAL. And don’t forget: The scene will be animated later.

Thanks in advance

One of the simplest and convincing ways to get a sky is to simply use an angular map for the world setting.


Thanks, this looks like it is solving my problem. I think I even got how it works :wink:

Just another quick question: Have you got an idea how to create such sky images? I assume they are not photographed.

EDIT: I read the thread further and the above question is therefore obsolete. :smiley:

Those images posted by MadCow were created as panoramic renders out of POVRay. Then he loaded them into HDRShop (free program) and saved them as angular maps, which is a feature of that program.