i want be an animator, but what school?

im wanting to pursue a career in animation, but im all choked up on the prices of some of these great animation schools.

like the SCAD and Ringling , two of the best in the nation are estimated around $30,000 and $45,000 respectfully a year! i cant pay for that, not even with a whole mess of scholarships.

and i dont want to just take a crash course at my community college, ive heard one to many horror stories of would be animators taking the cheap road and ending up nowhere because their training was hilariously sub par.

but then on the other hand i dont want to get a great education but be in blinding debt for the rest of my life!

so im pacing my floor every night and grinding away at the internet trying to figure out how im going to do this. my senior year in high school is ticking away and deadlines are coming up on me faster than i thought.

i just want a career in animation i can be proud of, with the right training and education to be successful. do i really have no choice but to tie an anchor of massive debt around my throat first in order to jump into this industry? :spin:

There’s one other recent thread where someone was asking almost the same question.

It’s a tough decision, but one thing you have to think about is if you are going to be able to get a good job. Competition is tough, graphic artists are not in high demand… so, it’s basically all down to finances. It would be better to have a minor in graphic design, and a major in another area that has more opportunities and more available jobs that pay well. That’s not to say that animation wouldn’t lead to great opportunities, it’s just that those opportunities are kind of far-fetched (given the circumstances of the economy and other things). You could always freelance for extra money.

deja-vo huh my eyes were opened today

yeah but im not specifically focusing in graphic design, im wanting to be an animator.

i want to be able to do both 3d and traditional. for instance i want to be able to take my degree and expereince and be able to work as an animator on a video game, or perhapes an animator for a show on cartoon network.

i mean is there reeeeally no work out there for well trained and educated animators? are ther no jobs at all in movies, tv, game, simulation, and advertising industries, to name a few? are they really closed off to everyone? i mean really?

just to get things clear, its not graphic design im after, its animation. i mean your not ever going to get into animation by being meek and avoiding giving it everything you got because its “too hard”. you have to be bold, thats how i got a job working on and creating visuals for military simulations at 17 and i have no degree in anything.

i mean you cant just sit on your butt in front of your computer and expect a job to fall in your lap, you got to go out there and give 110% until you get what you want. but does that mean i really have to pay 110% more than the average bear to get this degree, and eventually a good job?

is there another way that im just not seeing here?

Regular state universities probably don’t have a specific degree in animation. Even if they did, it would probably be an associates degree. You will probably find the same thing at art schools as well.

There are lots of well trained people looking for jobs right now. Sure, there might be jobs available for graphic artists, but like I said before - competition.

Jeff Lew proves that you don’t need to get a degree in animation to become successful in animation.

Read his bio…here

His Killer Bean creation is fantastic!

well, ispyamoose, i can tell you not really up to date on this. Almost all art schools offer a bachelors in animation, and most of them even offer up to a masters in it as well. the only thingis the cost.

thats a common mistake of alot of people who try to get into the animation industry, they go to a local or state college and get a degree in computer science or graphic design and have no real training on the science and art of animation, thus they do not get hired anywhere. it happens all the time. theyre may not be many jobs in animation for graphic designers, but there is plenty of animation jobs for animators.

and everything you do in life is competition, you cant run away from something just cause you have to work for it. You have to be fearless in pursuit of your goals. so competitions and “maybes” dont even make me flinch.

but what does is the massive whopping $45,000 dollar price tag on the training. i mean what do these schools do? issue you a solid gold computer?

I’ve heard lots of great stuff about animation mentor (check it out if you haven’t already). :wink:

@Enjay… Damn. I can’t believe you use “massive whopping” together in a sentence, as well as other grammar/spelling mistakes and nobody gives you grief about it. And yet, I use commas wrong and several people have given me hell for it. Hahaha…go figure!

But more on topic. You seem to have the determination to make a career in animation for yourself. I think determination is more important then a degree. I’m to old to even think about going back to school. I just plan on trying to learn animation and CG in my spare time with all the great learning tools on the internet and Cd’s. I think Jeff Lew is a great inspiration as to how he succeeded by learning animation in his spare time. One day soon I hope to bring something to life on youtube also.

Good luck.

Oh yeah…animation mentor is affiliated with the 11 second club. A cool animation site.

I believe we all ponder such questions at some stage of our youth, some during their adulthood.

To examine it mathematically, I think you can list several factors at play in life’s overal mapping:

  1. How much money will you make?
  2. How much fun will you have in your career?
  3. How much free time do you get? (AKA non-career fun)
  4. How much initial investment will it require?
  5. How much risk will it require?
  6. How much creative expression will you have?
  7. How much lifestyle license will you have?
  8. How much technical knowledge will it require?

Blah blah blah…Point is, I think the origin of the Teenage Crisis that we’ve all had, is when we realize EVERY career screws one of these up. And I think it’s really funny when you examine college majors based off of these, and realize why certain majors are so popular.

Case in point, psychology majors are usually people who want a doctor’s money, but freak out at the thought of all that awful math and anatomy they (gasp!) might be forced into learning. Economics majors are actually just Political Science majors, but worry about the social stereotypes and bleaker job outlook that a liberal arts degree might bring. They’re also usually majoring in their preconcieved high school notions of politics (both left and right) but expect they’ll have more gravitas if they can claim some math behind it. Business majors are talentless in all areas, but love the idea that being a selfish martini drinker somehow turns into a big paycheck.

Point is, pulling any “lifetime decision” thread unravels a knot somewhere else. So just assume there’ll be a big hill to climb whatever you decide, and be true to thy self. And yeah, debt sucks, but college debt (which falls under certain legal status and usury rates) is way better than credit card debt. Case in point, the recent legislation that got passed means the repayment rate of your student loans can be set at a max standard of a percentage of your income; in other words, if you’re just working minimum wage after college, the max rate (min rate?) is based on a number after assuming you have to eat food and pay bills and rent an apartment.

Lastly, animation is the lovely rare major where you get out of it whatever you put into it. College is a great arena to learn stuff, build a portfolio and practice a bunch. But at the end of the day, a lazy artist’s crappy portfolio from CalArts is no different than a lazy artist’s crappy portfolio from a community college. Or alternatively, a good never-sleep artist’s polished portfolio (made at Ringling) is just as good as a good never-sleep artist’s polished portfolio he made after pounding endless tutorials.

Aaaand I ought to be workin’ on my late night project, not wasting time on forums. Hope some of that was comprehendable!

Oh yeah, almost forgot, graphic designers are artists who aren’t smart enough to animate :wink:

i agree completely, animation is something that you have to invest alot of yourself in to be successful. you definatly get what you put in to it, that is certain. but im not selfish in investing myself into something, especially to ge somewhere i want to be in life.

little input= smaller output

small ambition= small achievements

nothing risked = nothing gained

even though it is possible to enter the field without any training, its really stretching your luck. even though great training may be perfered its really strecthing your budget. but i suppose everything has to have a good stretch somewhere, and im willing to make that stretch, but whats most worth stretching?

and i dont think anyone insults my hastily typed up posts because people must be able to detect that im writting these very quickly as i am very busy at the time. also they must be able to tell i simply dont care what is said about it, if someone has the overwhelming need to insult my posts it means a combination 4 things:

  1. they have nothing better to do in life
  2. they are pompus arrogant jerks
  3. they have no answer to my question
  4. +1 post

its ver simple to just skip over such responses and look at the ones that are actually usefull

Dan man your right,screw all the haters. I’m going to be an animator and make good money because its what i want to do. I want it, i just have to reach for it thanks man