I want blender hot keys in Maya, any quick fix?

I’ve been learning blender for a long time and now i have a class at the University of Utah that requires blender and i don’t want to learn a bunch of different shortcuts. Anyone know of a file where all of the blender defaults have been applied in maya, or some other way for me to get a blender like environment in maya without manually going through and changing all of the hotkeys myself? Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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When you first launch Blender on the splash screen there is an option labeled Interaction: with a dropdown next to it. Change that to Maya. There is a context sensitive menu and another keymapping here as well.

Im so dumb, i see now why i got few replies, what i meant to say was, ive been learning about blender for a long time and have it down, but now the university wants me to learn maya. I need to have the blender short cuts and hotkeys in maya, not the maya ones in blender. Sorry for the brain fart :frowning:

Ah, I have no clue about that. I think the interactive paradigms of Maya are probably too different to really do Blender’s keymap. :confused:

You should probably ask a question like this in a Maya related forum, not a Blender related one. While it is possibly to change many of Maya’s hotkeys, I doubt you will find a script of complied hotkeys like this. It’s a daunting task to map that many hotkeys. Many functions in Blender don’t have an equivalent in Maya (and vice versa), and Maya’s hotkeys are generally global hotkeys, not context-sensitive hotkeys like Blender’s.

If you want to try to set a few yourself and are looking for how, you can check out the documentation. Honestly though, I would recommend learning the regular hotkeys. I really like blender, it’s a great program that’s very under-appreciated. But most animation industry jobs expect you to know the standard hotkeys/interface of a major package like XSI, Maya, Max, or Houdini. And most of those share the same basic hotkeys. Hotkeys that are usually different than Blender’s.

I know this is a late reply but I hope my answer can still help any others out there looking for a Blender to Maya hotkey modification. Check the following link on the Maya documentation page to begin assigning your own Blender style hotkeys.