I want something to do

Is there anyone here want to adopt a new blender user to be part of any group? I’m not very active (since I have work) but I already know basic of modeling a 3d object :slight_smile:

Hey Mark, Recommend you search for Blender discord and join the groups there – lotta good people always willing to help


Well, there are daily sculpt challenges where, users get together and, practice sculpting - - There could also be ’ vertex modelling ’ daily challenges, to be honest without much practice, you won’t get far, Blender is both simple and, incredibly complex . . Some artists, using Blender, are part of a group, where they get a daily challenge, a random word, like ’ Truck ', ’ Snow-ball ', ’ Coca-cola Bottle ’ To model, and practice like that, they share their results and, critique each other, so that’s a good start, for hobby level interest - - Also, there are a TON of good tutorials on youtube, that tell you the Basics and, bare - minimum, They’ll help - - We could explain it all to you again but, the tutorials are damn good and, then you’re off, to a Really good, Decent start - -