i want the skull to go forward if it sees the camera

i added a property to the camera called: camera

but it doesnt work…he doesnt move at all, only falls on the ground and that’s all, whY?


Cameras are immaterial… they have no mesh, so I don’t believe it’s possible to detect them with any kind of sensor. Try parenting a plane behind the camera for it to detect instead.

added a cube with a property, still nothing, does it matter what type is the property?

hu? i reduced the mass and it worked! yey

you had too much gravity in dynamic and you can add a empy parented to the camera then have a near sensor on the skull to move when it gets close enough

now i have a problem with the frequency of this, it’s doing a move once a year! i tried increasing the frequency of the radar, decreasing in…is there a perfect number or something? or maybe it has nothing to do with that?

near sensor! :o

what’s near sensor?

you have so you move the skull with arrow keys or something right?

its a sensor that does what you tell it to when something(you pick what)
gets within a certain range (you decide range)

add a empty(spacebar add empty) then parent it to then camera then add a property for that empty and have the logic like sensor add>near(add the property name)>and>motion actuator(fiddle withe FORCE buttons only) then have it move towards the camera by haveing it move along the axis ie. x axis

email me the blend and ill send it back with the logic and ill tell you how to do it in the mail with pictures to show you what to do
[email protected]

i solved it
for some reason he was doing it when it came OUt of the range…(i know why now)

anyhow thanks to all

good luck with your project! :smiley: