I want to believe

This morning I woke up and trotted throughout my woods (since I live in the sticks.) I decided to take a few pictures for a background of something I had yet to make. Being inspired by one of my favorite shows, the X-Files, I decided to add a UFO. I used some composition in Blender, then started up Gimp for some minor tweaks, HSV Noise to be precise, so that the UFO looks photorealistic. Although, I don’t know if the lighting for the bottom of the UFO is totally accurate.

Ah UFO pictures. My fav. Looks pretty good, I could definitely see that up on Mulder’s wall in his office. I even bet if that were on one of those UFO websites those people would think its proof.

(seeing who can make the most believable UFO/alien hoax video/image should be a Blender challenge or something :evilgrin:).

HA! Thanks for the comment. I would like to see a UFO Blender Challenge, although my image was a bit too easy to create.

I would lighten up the bottom a little and maybe add a little blur to the ufo. It seems too crisp compared to the rest of the image. Also maybe add a slight bit of grain to the ufo, (but the blur might take care of that for you)

To tell you the truth, I didn’t know how dark the bottom of the UFO should of been. I first thought it should of been very dark but then I thought is should of been very light. So I aimed for the middle of the two. I used a sun lamp and environment lighting (having the sky color baby blue.) Added some soft glow to the scene and Gimped it a tiny bit. I should of added a small bit of motion blur that you suggested, but the image is finished, or “abandoned” as Da Vinci would say.

Nice UFO I also made one a few weeks ago , they are fun to make . I like to post them on UFO sites and they all freak out , thinking , their here ! THEIR HERE ! lol