I want to build my First Character!

I ve bean long for this since i was a child

where is the tuttttttttttt???

btw i am a blender newbie,but i already know some basic control

Thank Youuu!!!


You’re gonna have to be more specific than this. What do you need help with? There are hundreds of tutorials out there, in all formats, that explain the differents aspects in Blender. I’m not going to explain how to complete a character from start to finish because it’s already out there, even if it isn’t in one single tutorial.

Read the documentation, watch/read tutorials, and use Google and the search function here on Elysiun.

If you have any specific questions we would be happy to help out.


i think i m just too tired to search

i am not good at reading english,thats my biggest problem

i need a tut about modeling a head or something about human body ,i want to start from some simple object,i have found some tut about making a man,but i cant not fully understand there words, i hav to put lots of time on dictionary ,that really tired

if you know where have a tuts which contain lots of picture and its about to build a body or head please let me know

thank you


Download the video tutorial (bottom of the page) of how to model a female head from reference pictures. It’s a huge download at 266Mb but is stunning in it’s content. Basically watch as the artist (mr_bomb) builds the head from scratch. Fantastic.

Link: http://www.blenderartists.org/cms/index.php?id=67

Ricky Dee

266 MB???
My God, better download this tonight and check my meter first.

The best of the best: Joan of Arc
You can follow the pictures pretty well.

If you search Elysiun for “joan arc” you’ll also find a lot of links to human modelling tutorials, how-to-do hair, clothes, etc.

Hope this helps.

This tutorial is not as simple as Joan, but it is very complete: http://cal.jmu.edu/ratner/tutorials/1/. Also be sure to take a look at TorQ’s edgeloop example: https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21066.


thanks ,you are all very helpful!!