i want to buy a PSP

Hi & I want to Buy a PSP …

is there models for it (i mean numbers , like 1 2) , can it play AVIs and PNGs
the memory card , is it special for her (PSP) or any usual memory card will fit .

please reply fast i may buy it tommorow …

thanks , sorry for flooding the forums :frowning:

Me too, My friends have shown me their demo reels on their PSP, so, I imagine it plays most of the formats.I think it uses the Memory Stick format, so, you’re tied to Sony for memory cards (i think). They have usb and bluetooth as well. I don’t know about model numbers, I just think it would be cool to have one. Good luck w/ your purchase.

so if i connected a flash memory memory stick of usb , would it work ?

I’m not quite sure. Here is a page that should cover some of your questions.


consider that i have one , i have noticed that there is a cd player in it
ok , when i want to boot the game (first time or anytime) do i have to insert the cd or just only the memory .

the psp uses the same kind of memory card you would find in most digital cameras and cell phones. the psp can only play MPEGs, but with some free software you can covert any vids into MPEGs. it can hold any type of pic, (i think) and it holds MP3s and WAVs. when you start a game you need both a disk and a memory card. (you can save whole games to your memory card if you dont want to carry alot of music.) Did i mention it comes with a free internet browser?

i love my psp, i carry my whole life in it. its a great buy, even if you dont like games.:yes:

A new model came out here in the UK recently, which is slimmer lighter and slightly faster. I don’t know if it has a different model number though. My brother is getting the new one so I should get his old one this weekend.

Any SD card should work.

You have to use the CD. There is a way to boot games from the SD card but I think you need a modified firmware and you’d need to download the games.

It doesn’t play AVIs but it will play MP4, same as the ipod.

A really pointless one though. Badly rendered pages, navigating with the thumbstick, no keyboard obviously, slow connection.

slow conection? not with mine, i have hi speed. and the thumb navigation is easy once you learn it. sure its not a full internet experience, but it gives you a little somthing extra to do.

Fast connection, but not standards compliant. It doesn’t even come close to passing the Acid2 test.

it is still not clear ? does it really read cds ? if i have the game in the PC (copied it with usb) , can i open it without the cd ?

what is the point of cd player and sd reader at the same time ?

it worths 150 dollars aproximatly (105 Jordanian Dinnars) , is it more expensive or normal price , i tried to google the price but i saw different numbers and prices !

150 sounds about right, i paid 100 for mine but thats only because i got it on post. (post = US army base)

That’s funny, every post I’ve been to has been good for being tax-free but they’re always a few months behind everyone else in dropping prices.

As for the PSP, it is cool because of the modding community. You can alter it to play emulated games.

(post = US army base)

so is it help for the ones who participate in the US army base ?

You can alter it to play emulated games

please , what would that mean? games for ps1 played in PSP as example ? or what ?

Exactly. You can play Super Nintendo, Playstation, whatever there’s an emulator available for on it.

As for the prices on the Army Post, they’re part of AAFES, an organization that provides stores and services for military members and their families. They tend to be cheaper because you don’t pay taxes (the money is already going to the government) and because, since they are government controlled, they don’t seek a profit as much as stores like Wal-Mart and Best Buy will. Best Buy often marks up things like cables as much as 600-1000% of their wholesale price.

some people make their own games for psp, and modify others, its pretty cool.

and US army base discounts are only for soldiers and their direct families. you dont pay tax, and if your at a post with a good up to date PX, things are usally cheaper than the outside shops. (well i got mine at Fort Bliss for 100$ anyway, i dont know whats going on on at other post exchanges.)

Hey , what about the software or women make up as example

would they include it to you in lower prices (actually we have the same system in jordan but limited to important things , not games etc… )

yeah everything is usally cheaper, (especially software, movies, entertainment stuff, and cosmetics) and the best thing is, you can set up a PX anywhere, even in a country your at war with! you just need soldiers there, and wham! you can put up a px to make their lives a little easier. there is even PXs in iraq for example.

it’s not a cd player in the psp, it’s a custom sony disc that you can’t burn. I don’t think it supports a usb flash drive unless it’s hacked, but I could be wrong. The new psp slim is awesome, it has twice the ram so games load twice as fast. it’s smaller, and the screen is brighter. but you might have to import it. I think it’s $200 US

i have a psp and yes you need a memory stick duo and it cant hold AVI’s only MP4’s i think it can hold bascily any kind of image and yes you can play like PS1,PS2,GC,N64, NDS, ect. but you have to downgrade your psp and do a hole bunch of crap to get it to work witch will probly end up recking your psp to get thos emulators ( o and theres even a psp emulator for the PSP) and as for the CD’s it only plays UMD"s (witch all games for psp ar UMD’s and UMD DVDs that you can buy) witch are made for psp and ya the net Browser kinda sucks only supports up to flash 6 right now … ( meaning youtube wont work) but if you get a good memory card its like and ipod or/and imovie plus it can play games and as for the price well here in Canada its like $200 but i bought mine from my bro for $20 anyways