I want to create a text message in blender that looks like this page

I’m trying to imitate this text http://www.pasteall.org/pic/99782

but It doesn’t seem to have the text font that the blue team is using and the lighting is different, besides the lamps don’t work, the texts seem to have emission shader yet the material they’re using say is diffuse which allows for shadows from the sun or hemi. Do I need to convert it to a mesh? how? thanks?

You will need to load the font in the text tab in properties on the right side. Find one similar to the blue one. Once loaded you can type in the selected font.

You can model/render/etc without converting to mesh but if you are satisfied with the letters then you may as well convert it to mesh.

To acheieve the shadows you will need to place a plane underneath the text to act as the “ground” – if there is already a plane there then your lights are too bright, whether the AO is ramped up too much or you have a point/spot/etc that is too strong. You should not need any emission to create text similar to the blue.

Choose a better fitting font. In the render above it’s e. g. Typograph Pro, which looks quite similar - with the exception of the letter M, that is much more slanted in Typograph.

Bevel the text in order to avoid those razor sharp CG edges.

Have the font stand on a plane, as stated before. This will help to “ground” your text and set it in a spatial context.

This is what I can come up lately but I couldn’t give it a nice lighting effect like Ikari or the original photo, yes I placed a plane that didn’t have, and changed the font type.

I used WhiteFlame font from dafont.
I didn’t apply bevel but I certently should.

I’ve been improving my text further, I moved the plane to xyz 0 position and placed the letters looking upward and the camera down everything is the same but the light sun is not having an effect, even if I restrict rendering for it the text still shining bright, what is going on? the material for the text is set to diffuse on the node editor that should allow it not to bright on their own?

I still have problems with lighting, I want to apply my own lighting so the text changes intensity or the brightness of the red and I still can’t do it, I should try the manual but it’ll be nice if some can give me a hint. my last msg talks about that.

I want it to look like the blue team letters.

It would be easier for us to help if you would upload your .blend file somewhere for us to have a look. Right now we don’t even know what your material/lighting setup looks like…

I got mostly what I wanted:

And this is the blend file http://www.pasteall.org/blend/40917 I hope you get the font I used, if not is called WhiteFlame from dafont.com is not the same font used by this blue team image but is close if you can find the right font for me please, and the polishing is not as good as the blue letters but that is what I can do for now. the shadows are not the same either, I had them more closely when I didn’t use the intense lighting; it’s 3 strength hemi. But the intensity of the brightness of the letters on the surface comparing to the rest of the body and color saturation is much better, more similar to the blue letters.