I want to drink my cold coffee in a blender mug !

I don’t want blender post’it. I don’t want a keycord…


I want…

:RocknRoll::RocknRoll::RocknRoll: A BLENDER MUG :RocknRoll::RocknRoll::RocknRoll:

thanks to the insomniacs we are., the BLENDER MUG will assure the perennity of blender foundation and institute for centuries.

I want to drink my cold or microwaved cofee all night long in front of my screen, smoking thousands of cigarettes and fighting against the blender API… WITH A BLENDER MUG !

[ there is also a geek thing alimented by your box USB port, that allows to keep you coffee warm enough ]

Great Idea :smiley:

Model/Design it now in Blender! :evilgrin:

No, seriously, that would be nice indeed :slight_smile:

I’d love a blender mug, it’d fit nicely with the other random mugs at work, I might even buy one for home too.



It would be cool if the handle was part of the actual blender logo.

don’t forget to vote buddies… I want it for christmas ! :wink:

here is one (third pic):

As long as it’s one of those large insulated mugs with plenty of room for a large coffee. Not a skimpy little coffee cup. I need a new mug…

no no a real mug like the one american people use to drink coffee. I mean the sweetened black boiled water you use to call coffee.

For future reference, if you’re taking a poll which asks a “yes or no” question, there should be two options: “Yes” and “No.”

The example you showed is nice, but the handle doesn’t really look nice.
Also, I personally prefer those not perfectly flat ones (though, they’re fine too), but rather, uh… not sure of the word… “bulbed” outwards? you know, like a belly or so^^

Oh yea, a Blender mug!!! And proceeds go to programmers to expidite 2.5??

I’m american but I hate american coffee. I buy 100% columbian, keep it in the freezer, grind only what I need for a pot of coffee, which is 3 times the amount they suggest, and borders on expresso. YUM! (jitter jitter jitter)

My current mug holds a half a pot of coffee, that’s my only requirement!

yes plantperson I agree but you know… I want a blender mug.


By the way, I don’t like American coffee either and I’ve lived here most of my life. I drink some kind of Latino coffee (and the label’s in Spanish :p) and about 3 times as much as they suggest, but caffeine has no effect on me. I once drank a starbucks doubleshot, which is super strong coffee bordering on espresso with an energy drink in it too and it didn’t affect me a bit, just gave me a minor headache.

hehehe just kidding about the american coffee :slight_smile:
it’s because of the hollywoodian cliche in cops movies. you know, the recurrent fat cop with a bagel and a coffee in a plastic glass, that always said his coffee is abominable.
I drank great coffees in the usa. and promise I won’t speak about american beers.

I like an italian brand called illi made in an old little krups expresso machine with a real percolator. unfortunately it’s broken and the new models are a bit expensive… :frowning: too much IA in it…

wow energy drink in a coffee… mmm :eek:

3am there, python scripting, and I wantwantwant a coffee.

@RJ: It’s Cuban coffee.

@JM And I drink it stronger than the Cubans. :eek:

The 2008 version of a blender cup.

I don’t think I ever finished the scene.

Don’t be so sure… that’s “instant” Cuban coffee… you’ve just never had the real, honest-to-God stuff… that will melt the spoon you stir it with. :stuck_out_tongue: (So a lot of people load it down with milk and sugar.)

Take one of my icons from here: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=164822
Go to snapfish, and you can print a mug for cheap.

I saw your logos they are nice.
I’d rather like that the foundation propose an ‘official’ mug, I’m sure it could help them. the thread does not sound serious but in fact, it’s a kind of ‘market prospection’.
honestly I’m not very fond of the key cord or the post-it… :-/ (but a BLENDER MUG wow !)

nice work g60 !