I Want To Export my .blend Files To .w3d (Shockwave3D Files)

(This is the second time I’ve posted this on this forum, but it occured to me I may not have chosen the proper section at first, seeing as I have received NO REPLY in a few days now, so here’s hoping someone here will at least say something.)


Jagshemash, my name is Vorad Plochenko. I am as noob as a noob can be when it comes to Blender, but I am very excited by the possibilities and I’m sure that with time, patience, reading and repeating many tutorials, and hard work, I will graduate to the status of Pro with Blender sooner or later.

Here is my specific problem which I sincerely hope someone can help me out with.

In January 2006, I began making a .swf video game in Macromedia Flash MX 2004. It was not until far too much time and effort had been expended that I learned that Flash to this day has a limit of 16,000 frames. Suffice to say I was planning on using many more frames than this, planning on creating a SWF game (either as an .swf or as a Flash Projector .exe) that would nearly fill a CD-R in fact. Flash can clearly not fulfill my game-making needs.

Then I learned of Macromedia Director MX 2004, which much more precisely meets what I require of a game-making program. I now have Director MX 2004.

Lastly, since Director renders 3D but is not a 3D modeling program, I realized I would need a 3D modeling program in order to create 3D content which I could then export to the Shockwave 3D file format (.w3d), which is the only type of 3D content that can be imported to and used in Macromedia Director MX 2004.

So I started looking around, having never worked with a 3D model in any program at all in my entire life. And I came across Blender.

Blender is not only the right price ($0, open-source), but Blender fits and runs very well on my “antique” P3 computer which only has a 10GB hard drive and less than 5 percent of that as free space. In an ideal world, programs like Houdini and Autodesk 3DS Max would be open-source also, but this is not so.

Blender exports to a wide variety of 3D content file formats. But to the best of my knowledge, it does NOT export to Shockwave 3D (.w3d files).

Please help me! I read all over that most of the major 3D modeling programs DO export to Shockwave 3D (.w3d) , so I know this is not some weird request or impossible task.

At the very least, I need to know if the makers of Blender are planning to add ‘Export To Shockwave 3D (.w3d)’ in the next release of Blender (which will be version 2.43).

At the very most, I would love for someone here to offer me a perfect solution that pleases me.

P.S. I have already seen online about the dinky-ass ‘free’ tool that would allow you to convert a .xsi file to a .w3d file. Blender allows export to .xsi, so you could do that, and then using the tool at:


you could then convert the .xsi to a .w3d file. However this will not help me at all, since the 3D models I will eventually be creating in Blender for eventual placement in my Director game will not only be complex, but when they use bones, will use a LOT of them. The dinky-ass thingy at the link above only works with 8 bones or less. Ridiculous. And even if I HAD the money (which I don’t) to buy their ‘no-limits’ exporter, I still would be unable to for the same reason that I can’t purchase anything online: lack of a credit card (which some might say is a blessing of sorts at any rate, lol). Not to mention that I am leery of giving money to people who don’t (apparently) know how to spell simple words like Installation.

Anyway - whew! I thank you for reading this, and if there is ANY way you can help me with my dilemma, allow me to shower you with many thanks in advance. I just want to be able to create 3D models in Blender and export them to Shockwave 3D files (.w3d files)! Or Export the Blender-created 3D models to a Blender-supported export format and then convert that exported file successfully into a Shockwave 3D file (.w3d file).


Vorad Plochenko

P.S. My real name is Rachel and I am a girl (obviously, being named Rachel). But Vorad Plochenko is an alter-ego that I created off the top of my head one day while writing dumb-ass reviews of my first Flash game. I had also watched a lot of Borat, the Kazahkstani journalist on Da Ali G Show (Borat has his own movie coming out November 3, 2006 in theatres everywhere, too!) just before doing this, and thus - the real me (Rachel) shares a brain with Kazahkstani “technology expert” Vorad. I have no idea why I’m sharing this with you, it’s only making me look crazy, lol. Anyway, thanks again in advance!


P.S. While I’ve got your attention, I really can’t afford to make the mistake of posting queries in the wrong section(s) anymore. As it is, I can’t even afford the night pass to come online tonight, and am going to be offline for the rest of the month. So I’ll ask this now:

I selected Add Modifier/Subsurf to turn my basic startfile cube into a round sphere, yada yada. I have my round planetoid sphere, and I’ve applied my Earth map texture to it. I can make a very nice JPEG a-ok. But I am trying to make my ‘planet’ rotate in place as my stationary camera looks on, basically see the planet rotate as you would expect of a planet. In the process of inserting Keyframes with I-key, I select Rot from the pull-down menu that appears when you press the I-key. Then in Object Mode with my planet object selected, and in solid mode, I press the R-key and rotate the planet 5.00 at each keyframe (during this first test, I inserted a keyframe with the I-key every 5 frames). I assumed this would rotate the planet, showing the camera the other side of the planet sooner or later. I know it can be seen somehow, because if I move the camera around to the other side, and render a frame for a JPEG, it clearly shows the other side of the planet (texture-map-wise).

But it’s not working.

I need to know how to rotate a object that remains fixed in place in my animation, and alternatively, it would be nice to know how to rotate the camera around a completely unchanging motionless object in an animation also.

I have the .blend file and the outputted Quicktime .mov file that I created after rendering 2 seconds worth of the above (50 frames). Where should I look for help regarding this? Here or at blender.org/forum? And which section specifically at either forum? I feel ridiculous asking such a question, seeing as I am an intelligent person with eyes and the ability to read and reason for myself, but apparently I misjudged where to properly post my last query (regarding Shockwave .w3d files). I thank you in advance for your kindly prompt help regarding all of this.

Please don’t tell me that I’ve been given the cold shoulder by the Blender community before I practically joined it, or that you folks just have disdain for newbies - I’d understand such a sentiment if Blender created any kind of comprehensive tutorial(s) and made them available to the public, but they don’t and so learning Blender is neccessarily a process of scrimping and scrounging from those with more experience.


‘VoradPlochenko’ (Rachel)


I belive that this is what you’re looking for?

Dear rm5248,

Thanks for your prompt reply - someone does care! :slight_smile: However, no, this is NOT what I am looking for. The link you gave offers an iffy-at-best exporter to Macromedia Flash’s SWF format, which is quite a different thing than Macromedia Director’s Shockwave W3D format. Worlds apart. Also it is worth mentioning that the thingy at the link you gave only works, according to the site, with Blender 2.36. I’m just a noob but I’ve got Blender 2.42a for Windows, and I can’t really see it as a good thing to try working with older, buggier version of Blender. Regardless, it matters not since it’s not what I’m looking for, rm5248.

But I want you to know I truly appreciate your quick, kind and sincere effort anyway, even if it didn’t solve my problem. Thanks!


‘VoradPlochenko’ (Rachel)