I want to help promote BGE

thelaurent Good job! I’m really loving it, I think you are going in the right direction, for my next video I will stick with the game engine version, but you should keep the powered by Blender as a second option, I hope is not too much to ask.

MrPutuLips, your animation is similar to what I had in mind, it’s looking good and I know you can improve it even further.

sdfgeoff I like how the circle is appearing, maybe a combination with MrPutuLips blurring words?

I agree with you. People probably don’t know that using Blender for game development = using the BGE for game development. Saying “Powered By Blender” doesn’t quite tell you there’s a game engine under there. There’s no real reason to state “Powered by Blender” over “Powered by the Blender Game Engine” anyway - either way, you’re stating the software that you’re using. I think it’s better to tell people more than less.

MrPutuLips’s version of the logo’s pretty solid, though I believe that is the actual logo for Blender. I think there’s some specific things you have to be aware of to use the logo, but it’s a fine animation. You could also go with a straight still frame that simply fades in and out.

The problem is that when and who desides which is the “Official” game engine logo? It will be a mess unless there clearly is only one OFFICIAL Blender game engine logo to use with clear guidelines. I will stick on using Blender logo untill that happens.

I would not really invent a new logo. Highlighting the usage of the blender game engine seems to be necessary.

How about using the Blender logo (with text) with additional text “Game Engine” or “Blender Game Engine”? This way it is still Blender but promotes the game engine as well. The additional string can be added via an animation to focus the viewer.

Very Nice Geoff! Looks pretty good!

I think the point that is trying to be made here is to pull the bge away from Blender. An easy majority or the people who use Blender use it for rendering. A LOT of people who use it don’t even know the bge exists. I didn’t for about a year using it, until I found a YouTube video tutorial on making games, and I was shocked that it was just sitting there all along.
Creating a separate branding for the bge should make people more aware of its existence, rather than thinking the developer just used Blender for modelling the game assets.

@thelaurent: Do you think you can upload the .blend (I assume you used Blender) for those logos? I wouldn’t mind fiddling with some of the colours (I’d like the “feathers” to be white, circle orange and inside dot to be blue) and rendering out a massive resolution one for making an animated intro :slight_smile:

It’s off topic I know, but from our engine programmers I only hear complaints about the fact that there is no documentation on the source side. If you want to motivate people this is something that needs to be solved from my point of view.

As for the logo the BFshould tell us how to use it, nevertheless you can always offer your idea’s to Ton!


I actually used photoshop to make the logos oddly enough
PS file -> http://www.mediafire.com/download/ggr1742b1nxemyc/BGE+logo+concepts.psd

very nice the logo orange and blue.

this is my “cusomization” of the blend of sgeoff
(in the animation the text “game engine” do a vibration as a engine :smiley:
and some light that turn around to add a “bit of 3D”)


I went onto the website, and noticed a few things they say about the logo. The whole page is here:

I suggest you read it. (they also provide a .blend for it, which is nice)

One thing they say is:

You will visualize and promote your own branding more prominent than you use the Blender logo. The Blender logo only can be used as a secondary brand, which means it has to be clear for an average viewer that this is not an official Blender or Blender Foundation website, publication or product.

What this means to me is not to have a separate screen showing the logo on startup, but to have it as a small part of the main part of your pre-menu-load system. For me, this looks like:

This screen displays only for short lengths of time (unless it is unzipping an update) before continuing to the main menu.

Pretty clean and simple.

@MrPutuLips Really like it!


Check this out

The hand is made of halo particles, which create smoke, but the smoke volume is outside the halo area,

the halo particles gain alpha as the volume moves over the hand, giving the illusion of solidification

you could do the same here somehow,

it may look amazing.

Who makes the call for this to happen? Sure, everyone could make their own game engine branch, I understand that.
However ripping game engine away from the original Blender would be a total mess.

What would be the benefits of splitting Blender and the community in to two?

We as a community are the thread keeping game engine alive. If we use it, it gets attention.
If we “pull” bge away from the Blender, it would have one of two possible effects:
Blender would drop real-time engine completely which would be bad for everyone and game engine would no longer really be Blender game engine. It would be just another game engine.
Or Blender game engine would remain and it would receive further development from Blender Foundation. Then we would have two branches where another would have “these” features and another would have “those” features, who would merge all the updates from the two branches to keep things updated? Who would develop two branches when we have hard time developing even one?

I think you misunderstood the topic.
We are talking about creating a new Logo specifically for the bge to show that the game was made with the bge and not just that blender was used in the process of game creation (for models etc).
Noone asked to fork the bge code. :wink:

Topic was fine, but the last few post in this thread gave another impression.

Maybe you interpreted it differently, but this discussion has always just been about logos when you start a game informing you it was made with Blender or the BGE. The text you quoted from MrPutuLips doesn’t refer to splitting the BGE apart from Blender at all, but rather to create a different branding (a different icon, presence, or indication) from Blender. We’re just talking about how to best tell people this was made with the game engine inside of Blender, and not just “supported” by Blender.

I wouldnt change blender logo to much, its at the moment really cool. One thing to consider would be changing colors to separate blender and blender game engine.

I don’t see the point in this. Why do we need a separate logo for the BGE? Why does it matter? I think (and of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion)that the current logo is fine. Mr. Putu Lips is slightly correct in saying that having a separate logo would help to pull BGE away from Blender. I think I said this earlier, but Blender is the all-in-one software. The game engine and the render engine are not separate pieces of software. It is all Blender.

That being said, some differentiation between the BGE and the rest of Blender would be appreciated, but not so much as making a new logo. That makes it seem that they are two pieces of software. Think about Autodesk and 3DS Max, Maya, and Auto CAD. 3DS Max is an all-in-one suite, and Maya and Auto CAD are separate clones, basically, of parts of 3DS Max. Wouldn’t it be much simpler to bundle these into a sort of 3DS Maya CAD and sell it?

They didn’t, of course, and now they are paying tons of developers to develop 3 different programs that do the same thing.

Sorry if I got off topic, or if I don’t make sense.

If the BGE was separated from Blender, the community would inevitably be separated as well. We don’t venture into the rendering, modeling, and animation areas. This makes it harder for us to (a) get help in other areas when we need it, (b) get support from the developers (however few there may be), and © complete our tasks with as much efficiency as we could with the rest of the community at our backs.

In addition, Ton Roosendaal is the head of the Blender Foundation, not the Blender Game Foundation. If we make a move that seems to be breaking away from the majority of Blender, Ton (with no offense to him or anyone else mentioned in this post) may just leave us to fend for ourselves, thinking we want to run the thing ourselves.

If I am wrong, please correct me, if you don’t like it, please tell me.

Also excuse my grammatical errors.

Also (slight tidbit), I heard somewhere that game engine development will be worked on much more in 2.8x.

This is exactly what I mean. I may interprete this topic differently. You speak of only greating another logo, but what is a logo? What does it represent?

If we see a Blender logo, we instantly know it’s Blender 3D.
If a person who doesn’t know any better sees a possible Blender game engine logo, would he or she be able to make the connection that Blender game engine is just a part of Blender and not a seperate piece of software?
What if someone interpretes the game engine logo to be a ripped of version of Blender, one of those Blender versions we see being sold online?

Do we really want to create a distraction?

This is just how I see this whole issue.
We should promote game engine with materials and contents. Which in this case are games.