i want to integrate mouselook in the game logic editor using C/C++ ! please help

well…currently i am studing the gamelogic source codes ! i want to build a blender with a mouselook in the logic editor just like a mouse sensor ! i know i can use python script for that…but i want to build a blender with the mouselook in the logic editor itself ! how to do that ? do i need to program it using C or C++ ? which directory i need to place the program ? please help me in details !

Logic bricks are C++. There is a mouse actuator patch in the tracker that you could use as a reference.

link please ?


Can you just set up a universal callback for mouse X , y , and potentially - z ?

Like Xpos?
and DeltaX?

then in python or logic call it up?

what about a “python mouse host” that sets this up for any app? like a global?

I have always wanted to be able to call “Mass” as a property, or “Velocity” with a check box…
a “Mouse Input X” or “Change in Mouse input X” would be nifty…

Define “mouselook”.

I mean I can look at my mouse so it is a “mouse look”. When the mouse looks back to me it is a “mouse look” too.

I saw a lot of scripts called “mouselook”. they usually consists of a mixture of hard-coded mouse and keyboard input creating some hard-coded changes to the scene (why does a “mouselook” need keyboard input?). In nearly all cases there is no documentation what the code is supposed to do … except “mouselook”.

Hmm, my mouse looks skeptical now.

I guess you are referring to this “C Library” controller patch from Francesco Zoffoli. I suggest to ask him for a demo/tutorial.