I want to know how to make cracks in stone.

I tried Google, but I really couldn’t think of any good searches for it, so I’m wondering how to. Any tutorials?

it depends if you’re trying to model them or texture them…?


the way that worked best for me is a combination of different textures.

A base texture for the stones Colour and basic surface.

This will as said be applied to Col, but in my cave-scene i also applied it to Normal mapping. This gives the stone a basic roughness and threedimensional look.

Next step is to apply a second texture made in Photoshop, Gimp etc. to work out bigger height differene-effects with a Normal-Map.

And third of the basic steps is applying a Displacement-Map, which i also applied to Normal-Mapping. Within this picture map you can define really big scratches or scraps etc.

This method worked best for me, because modelling such details may lead you to a good result, but makes it hard to reedit the object, because you are not able to quickly change the whole look just by changing some params or adding a new pic, you’ll have to change the mesh.

The optimal look lies between the two ways.

Modelling a rough shape to the stone by mesh editing and then applying textures to give it a realistic look. Sound much, but it’s easy and less work as it might seem.

If you want i’ll post some of my work, or could do a small tutorial and mail it to you, because you’ll find this topic in the forum as well.

Greetings Gjevon