I want to learn modelling on Blender, but I want a quick clarification

I want to start learning modelling on Blender, but I would really like to have a clarification about this thing:
if I learn to model on Blender, will it be easier to pass to Maya?
I know that Maya is used to create 3d models for video games, but it cost too much for me right now, so I would like to know if I should worry or if just a few thing changes between Blender and Maya (or 3ds Max).

thanks in advance!

Hi Enemy, welcome to the community.

The most important thing is to: Get started!

There is a lot to learn in 3D. Besides, this is a Blender forum, so I don’t think you will find someone who just comes out and says “Learn Maya!”.

If you are talking about relatively low poly mesh modeling, then Blender can do it! These tools are fairly well established now across softwares. Many people think like you, and think too far ahead. I know the Z axis is different in Maya… but that is a small thing. Blender has good modelling tools and sculpting, plus add ons.

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If you actually learn to model, then it won’t matter all that much later on which program you end up using. That said, there of course will be differences, and not just in a few things. Maya’s polygon modeling toolkit is inferior to Blender’s, by quite a margin. But it offers much more capability for most everything else. What you carry over between apps is your skill. The tools you’d have to adjust to. As someone who’d used Blender for years before even trying Maya I can tell you that it’d be much easier than what I see people report going the other way around.

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Actually I don’t know much about Maya, I just know that it is used to create 3d model for video games, so my question was if I can start learning on blender and then continuing on Maya when I can buy it.
Anyway thank for your courtesy!

I just got confused, because a lot of people say that no game development team use blender to create 3d models for video games and instead opt for either Maya or 3DS Max, but good to know that at the end it is actually a good product and I can use it both to learn and create what I need.
Thank really much for the help!

It’s sort of the same reason all game dev use C++ or Unreal or Photoshop. It’s just an established thing and it’s sort of a status thing. Don’t let people tell you what you can or cannot use. Find out for yourself.

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Modeling in Blender and Maya are very different.

Concepts are the same. If you learn about topology and how to create various shapes correctly,or how to make low poly models, then those are useful skills.

However, you will have a learning curve to switch between the two. If you know that you will eventually end up in Maya, you might make it less painful by setting blender to use Maya hotkeys in the preferences. The interface will still be very different.

I used Maya for several years at work but then switched to Blender when I left my job. It took a lot of getting used to, but in the end I like Blender a lot more for modeling.

Good luck!


Yeah, you’re right, in fact blender can indeed create fbx file used in UE4, and even if I’m a beginner it already felt good to use Blender, so I suppose I’m just gonna stick with it, thank for the help!

So at the end is kind of like painting tools, they are very similar and you can pretty much use them all if you know how to draw, but it get time to use at the peculiarities of each of them, thank for the help man!

What is your end goal? You mention video games quite a bit so i’m guessing you want to get in the industry eventually.

I’ve been using Maya professionally since 2010 and recently made the switch to Blender for all of my personal work at home. Blenders modeling tools are superior and come with a much more modern touch when compared to Maya in my opinion.

Maya is one of the dominant software in the entertainment industry at the moment so if your looking to break into the industry it would be ideal to have knowledge of the software. I haven’t worked much in the game industry but from what i’ve seen and heard from colleagues Maya still has a large presence (EA, The Coalition, Bioware). Smaller studios may drift towards Blender but I haven’t looked.

Of course software knowledge isn’t everything. You can make an amazing portfolio with blender but without knowledge of industry standard software it might be hard to land a job.

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My main subject are video games, but I don’t really want to do it as a job (saw that I will already have one), so I want to do it just for fun and because I feel like it is gonna help in the future.
Then I’m gonna stick with Blender, because it seems pretty good and it can do pretty much do everything I need, thank for the help!