I Want to Learn Python Scripting

I’ve been wanting to learn Python game scripting for a while now, but where do I learn how?

Here are some Video tutorials,

Agoose has just started a Python training series, here.
BlenderCookie has one for beginners as well, here.

These are for the GameEngine though.
Heres one I found thats not GE related, hope I helped.

Okay, that’s a start. Thanks.

All you actually need is right at the snakes nest:

Like I said, I only want to learn Python for the BGE. Thanks for the links.

Which means you have to learn Python.
And then you got to familiarize yourself with the BGE API.
Just to make sure, you’re not going there under the false impressions… there is no such thing as “BGE Python”. There´s Python and you can use it to go bananas in Blender.

Yeah, I know. The only reason I want to learn Python is for the Blender game engine, I’m saying.

I am a teacher who often does volunteer lessons for students, I would like to extend an offer to help. I’ve taught Python scripting to many computer graphics and game art students in post secondary.

I’ve also done a bunch of coding with Blender’s game engine in Python, so I have some experience there.

My website has a section about Python here: http://www.teaching3d.com/c/index.php/tutorials-and-articles/python-for-newbies/

I unfortunately don’t check these forums too often, but if you email me I can definitely help. Contact info is available on my website.

In terms of learning, here is my advice:

  • Learn the basics of python by writing some simple scripts and doing some simple exercises. Make sure you understand the concepts. Ask questions to me or someone else whenever you don’t clearly understand something.
  • Apply these basics to make Blender so simple things
  • Make an ultra simple game using blender and python. We’re talk simple like “Pong” for you first project.

Once you done that, you’ll have a great start, and should be able to teach yourself more fairly easily.

You should be aware that when Python reached version 3, some things changed. Thus, a lot of old code will cause errors now. The “Byte of Python” book linked to on my page will work with Python 3, which is the version of Python that blender started using for Blender 2.5 and above.

Unfortunately, my version of the Python for Newbies article is for Python 2.7. Almost everything in it will work for Python 3 though.

In python 3, 7/2 now equals 3.5
In python 2.7 it just gave the result as an integer: 3

Also, in Python 3, to print text you write: print( “Hello World”)
Whereas in Python 2.7 you can use print “Hello World”

Essentially, the difference is that print is now a function and needs parenthesis.

Anyway, I encourage you to get in touch and I’ll try to help where I can! I wish you the best in learning Python. If you do, I’m sure you will find it very rewarding. I certainly have.

Another user, “Witold Jaworski” recently posted something that might be useful to you, it’s a little ebook about writing Python for Blender.


This probably isn’t the first thing you should start with, but once you are more familiar with Python, it should be useful.