I want to learn python to code in BGE

I am wondering if anyone would be willing to teach me python in so far as it is used in Blender BGE?
Send me a pm if you are interested.

I am trying to learn python too so I can’t teach you,
but here are some resources to help if you can’t get anyone to help you.
here and here and here.
I hope someone will teach you and you don’t need those. good luck!

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Python for BGE isn’t that different to python for any other application.
I recommend code Academy. They have an excellent series of python tutorials.
Then read through the blender api. It lists all the methods and functions you need to learn.

try the sensor ready code on sites.google.com/site/abstractind/mythoscenturian is an attachment called bgecons.py you can use it to run and look at the code running while the bge is running via stdin/stdout.

this exactly is how i taught myself python(but i used a different tutorial site(s)). definitely learn the python language structure, then apply it to the blender python api. otherwise you’ll just be copy and pasting code with no idea how it works, or why it does what it does. its just like learning any normal language, if there is a term, or code, you dont understand, look it up on your favorite search engine.

my only regret is i shied away form modules and classes for too long, now im in the midst of reforming all my game code to classes.

i´m learning python (actually learned but trying to get a little more proficient at it) with the Video2Brain series by Lynda.com. They are really awesome, easy to understand, and cheap, yeah, i payed for the courses jajaja, bought 3, a beginner one, a intermediate one and one that actually explain how you can use python for game development… but this last one, weird as it may sound was the less useful jajaja.

But is not a hard language to learn, and its not hard to use it in the bge, you just have to be patient, scroll the python bge api, and search for the functions you are interested in using and start testing, the examples and the “how to use” you can see in the python api is very easy to understand once you know how to read and write the python syntax. Im a very good excel user, and finded excel harden to learn that python jajaja.

I think that should be a good base to go write own custom Python controllers :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the great advice. Sorry replying took me so long. I have been practicing more on the art end of things.