I want to learn Python!

I’m learning Python, but not just from the links, but from the script you guys are working on! Actually, I’ve been experimenting with what I’ve learned from the script, and I’ve been attempting to make my own versions. I’ve been trying to figure out how to make a game-like script that will be a very long version of something like what’s going on here. PLEASE keep the script improving! Make it more complex! Python experts, add interesting things to this script! I’m learning a lot from it! Thanks!

Something weird happened, all of a sudden, Python 2.5 stopped working. I get an error message, but for some reason, at random, BlenderArtists won’t let me post attachments. Then I get another error message, and when I click OK of both of them, Python closes. What happened?

This is my longest thread ever! And my first thread to have more than one page! : )

Why did everyone suddenly stop posting on this thread? Please continue working on that little mini script you guys were working on. I was really learning quite a bit from you guys! : (

The only reason I wrote it as a recursive function is because it was the fastest, easiest way to catch any errors without crashing the program. Now if I was actually writing a real script, I would use real error catching, instead of just looping back around. But yea, I guess it would be better to not teach a newbie bad practice like that… sorry!