I want to make a custom panel for animation

This is not a job offer this is a discussion about what people think about this concept.

Ya know how Firefox lets you decide what to put in the header? I want to do that for a timeline panel where you can stack them as you need them. Wouldn’t that be way better than stacking 4 separate panels, timeline, action editor, NLA strips, sequencer. Instead drop them all off inside one timeline panel. You would have one customizable header, you can checkbox what you want to see such as you just want to see the Z axis of a cube and nothing else. A timeline with all timeline related items you need minus all the info you don’t want. All stacked one on top of the other. Including markers and audio patterns shown as a full size background image.

Someone make this for me please. How much and how soon?

Don’t say it can’t be done, Tony Stark Was Able To Build This In A Cave! With A Box Of Scraps! :smile: