I want to make a game like Quake

I’ll be making a web page when I have the knowledge to (not so long guys!), from there I can categorize my development status and demonstration into: GAMEPLAY, CHARACTERS, LEVELS, GRAPHICS, AUDIO, MULTIPLAYER (again, if manageable)

Okay, my blog has recently been destroyed. MyOpera took out my account, and my blog with it for unnoticed advertising. Damn, next time I’ll make myself a whole website.

Now I’m at the puny stage of basic enemy creation. Seems like Unity 3d is easier to use - game dev wise - but will require familiarizing with another programming language. ughhh…

You could just use multitexture instead of glsl but do some uniqe texturing like a toon effect and then you could bake shadows to still have more detail.

read “I want to make a Game like…” and expect the worse

Hey, the Idea doesn’t even sound that bad!
The Basics are simple.
A few clever Ideas (Invinciblility, Leg-PickUps, Enemies representing Psychology & 7 Sins…), though still might be relatively easy to achieve.
There can be put a Lot of Style in it.

I think, though that downgrading ~random~ (unequipped) Weapons.

But if you have some Knowledge of Blender/BGE the Idea is, as said, very achievable!
You might consider makin’ a lil’ Prototype so that you have something to show and you will easily get some People to help you actively.

Until then, you are, of Course, not alone through the Powers of the Community! ;}

Baked shadows are preferred, but when everything is low poly, i want the effects to have more edge, like dynamic light and shadows for interior lights or small-medium light sources (neon lights, fire, muzzle flash, rocket tail,…) and baked shadow maps for big, out-door environments.
And I just edited my post, so I wouldn’t prefer cartoony textures. But maybe post me a sketch and we could see it through.
Multitexture sounds great, no need for specular highlights anyway, makes things too shiny and clean.

Networking is managable with agoose77’s plugin system. This looks like an interesting project,
Good luck :slight_smile:

AWESOME, thanks man! But I need all the help I can possibly get!
I have no funding, I have no team, I’m just in watching scripting tutorials stage. Damn, just when I thought I could get away with Blender’s basic game logic programing, I have to do mouselooks through codes! Might consider turn left/right with arrow keys and auto target vertically like Duke Nukem 3D.

I have no team, I’m just in watching scripting tutorials stage.
You’re asking for a team way way too early. You’ll not get anything without some hard work, that includes putting in lots of time getting through learning the basics. Come back in 6months of experimenting and learning. You’ll then be able to contribute as well as any other members of you’re team.

Thanks dude! But I’m not even through half of Python scripting, so this project might take a good one and a half long year while. Let alone multiplay or even Coop.
Hey, if you could handle network support in say… your free time, It’ll be AWESOME, we could start fragging each other online to refine controls even before AI scripting or Singleplayer production!

MouseScripts are mostly to be taken from Others, don’t worry.
Specs: Even if you do not want Things to be shiny, Specs are good when you use specific Specular Maps, so you can simulate Sweat and Stuff…

Maybe sweat is a little too much detail for a shooter, but wet surfaces for blood lakes or demon skin could be quite cool, without being distracting.

However, goin’ with Richard Marklew, you should know that it is not about Funding and not about a Team (where »Team« would be defined as having People doing most Things so you would not have to – no Offense) … but is it all about Knowledge. Gather Knowledge, learn to make some Major Elements needed for your Game.
Not even half through Python? Dude, that is great! : P
Even if you are less than half through Python that might be enough to achieve a Lot of Things.

As I already stated: Make a Test Level in which you try to achieve several Things concerning Graphical Style, Weapons, et Cetera.
This Way you also can find out what you can do yourself and where you actually do need Help. Maybe you will even find out that in the End you won’t need a Team at all?? : P

I’ll be back to college schedule in just another day, and I need to find myself a part-time job so I won’t have much time learning Blender, let alone using it. And working as a team is much more consistent development-wise (one guy helps out the other, keeps momentum going!).

Yeah, and I got the mousescript, but I’m looking for ways to modify it (limit vertical rotation to 90 and minus 90, sensitivity, optional smooth-mouselook,…).

You may have considered this, but it’ll probably be easier in the long run to just mod an existing open source quake implementation.
All the gritty work (networking, etc.) is already done. You’ll have to play around with C code, though.

Damn coding, well it’s easier than Python right?


If you have much Experience with it, then it might be easier than learing a new Language.
But BGE Python? More difficult than changing the C Codes of an already existing Game?
Sorry, but the mere Thought is pure Ridicule, for both must be digged into (==learn).

Besides, everyone here in the Community has something to do and handles Blender in Sparetime. One helps another, keep Momentum goin’ – I absolutely agree with you on that Point. But if you emphasize that you have no Time at all and therefore need Others, then it sounds like they shall do it all. I sincerely hope this is not what you are aimin’ for.
Ô, I guess your part-time Job does not include usin’ a Computer? Because I have seen People workin’ on their BGE Projects while bein’ at Work for several Times now!

However, you must decide whether you want to spend your rare Sparetime with geeky Blender or not. Push some Cubes around and blend a Bit and if you like, you will know what to prefer.

Don’t get me wrong, I sincerly DO want to get my hands dirty and make the game my own, but you know…

OK, let’s forget about that. I just had a very cool idea for the Lust boss and imma sketch it down right now. After I’m done with that I’ll post it on my blog.

Just implemented mouselook, going to limit the rotation with physical objects now, seeing as I have no idea how to do it with codes… yet.

Thanks so much for the reply though, thought this thread is dead or something.

this has grown, don’t worry a quake like game is actually very easy. you’ll have some head aches if you are a noob but yeah it’s cool. made a simple one level one myself and it was cool but a lot of work.

You have a good thoughts and proceed. All the best for make a game.

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