i want to make a huge crowd of my characters all doing the same action..how?

i have a character and i want to animate him doing somethign and then somehow duplicate him to make a huge crowd and have them all also doing the same action as him. how?

i love fast replies…they are tasty.

Maybe alt+D?


All you need to do is this:

  1. animate your character, giving it the action you want it and the ‘clones’ to perform
  2. make a grid, and delete all its faces to leave only verts (delete->only faces)
  3. parent the character to the grid
  4. turn on dupliverts

What you will get is a whole crowd of characters that look exactly like the original, and do the same thing at the same time.

Several words of caution:

  • depending on your computer, blender may or may not slow down noticably
  • keep your grid resolution low
  • be careful when using very high-poly models. In such cases you may want to consider lowering the resolution of the grid further