I want to make assets for my indie game, got any tips?

Hi everything, I’m new to this forum. I’ve always wanted to make my own videogame but, I’ve been putting it off as life keeps getting in the way. I had to quit Blender for a while, as the folks at my college forced me to use Maya in my 3d modelling class. After dropping out(of the class in particular, I’m still in college), I returned to blender, only to discover that it’s not the same Blender that I’m used to( and that’s okay). So Basically, I’m learning how to use over Blender from scratch and my 3d modelling skills is still that of a beginner. Now I’m confident that I have what it takes to make a videogame but, despite how challenging it will be, I need help. The type of game I want to make would be an open world game that takes influence from both GTA and Deus ex(without the sci-fi elements or level/upgrade systems). However, I want my open world to be small and dense as I’m just one person; I know I can’t compete with Rockstar Games. I just want my game to be a simple proof of concept; a demo indicative of better things to come. Ideally, every building can be explored. I’ve already complied many of the tutorials I need and I do have plan but, I still need some help with this thing. I don’t know of a better way to ask for help, so here is a list of questions that I’d like to get some answers for:

  1. Are there any good tutorials that could teach me how to quickly make modular buildings that have an inside? - I notice that they’re decent tutorials that teach how to make modular buildings with the array modifier but, I haven’t seen any that covers how to make such buildings with an inside/interior. In the game that I plan to make, it would be nice if players could enter and exit the buildings.

  2. Do you know of any good tutorials that can teach how to make game levels in blender? - I see a lot of tutorials how to make specific buildings and scenes but, none of them have game level design in mind or at least I haven’t seen them.

  3. Do you know of any good tutorial that could teach me low poly character design in blender? - I have seen good character design tutorials for Blender but, many of them are outdated as they’re not for the current version of Blender. I’m trying not to have unrealistic expectations for the game that I want to create, so I want a (for lack of a better term) a “generic” contemporary art style (no fantasy, sci-fi or ancient history). I just want to create a male and female model that I can editing into being other characters.

  4. Got any good tutorials on how to make transparent background textures in blender? I want my assets to look good and have naturalistic/representational aesthetic but, I don’t want to achieve some sort of illusionist,realistic or photo-realistic aesthetic. I want to make sure that all my models are low poly as I want my game to work on low end pcs. I saw a tutorial on Youtube in which someone made a fire escape but, they made the rails out of 3d textures they made in Blender; it would be nice if I could do that as well.

Okay, that’s all the questions that I got for now but, I’ll return later. Anyway, here is a render of some assets I’m working on. It’s not the best render but, it give an idea of my experience with 3d modeling. My plan is to turn one file into an incredibly large asset library that I can constantly reuse and update.

I apologize if I posted this in the wrong place but, I didn’t know where else to go.

Anyway, that render isn’t indicative of everything that was in the same file, so here is a screenshot of all the other assets.

First, I hope you don’t plan to make this game in Blender! You should setup a project in a game engine like Unity or Unreal (Unreal might be better for your type of game), then make only the assets in Blender.

Second, if this is your first game maybe you should try something much more simple and fun, maybe a puzzle game or some space shooter or something.

Open world = huge world = huge work = low chance of finishing = quick burnout

I plan on using Unity and I’ve even complied some tutorials for that software but, I want to make sure I have the assets to use before I jump into that software head on. I think I can get around the problem of the open world being huge by copying and editing assets I’ve already made.

Also, I plan to make the open world small like gta 3. I’ve developed a strategy on how to make buildings fast but, it needs refining and I’d like some tips in that regrade. Here are a bunce of simple buildings I made in a day.

These buildings are technically enterable. You can see inside of them when I hide the roof. I just made all of those in one day. I can also make the windows transparent.

Of course, these buildings aren’t perfect and can’t work with the appliances and furniture models I made. So I guess I’m going to need to make them over. The plan was to keep copying and editing, until I have enough assets for a nice looking city.

I’ve also nice some tutorials how one could make a city with a particles but, I doubt I’ll need that as I plan to make my open world small. Of course, it’s not completely off the table.

Then you could make separate rooms (interior designs) and place them randomly inside buildings.

That seemed like the obvious solution but, I’m not sure how it would all come together in Unity yet, as I don’t have any experience with level design in videogames.

This is probably not advisable.
You should probably get accustomed to the game engine first, and get to know what you need. Make your game work with placeholder objects. Once you know what you need you can create your assets much more accurately and replace your placeholders one by one.

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Try the FPS Microgame in Unity, it’s a step by step interactive tutorial. You will see it’s quite easy to append building segments to your game.

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Thanks. I suspected this much but, had hoped otherwise. I don’t know where to start where using placeholders are concerned. Um…could anybody help me with question 3?

Can someone make levels in Blender and then put them in Unity or would it just be a better idea to make the whole levels in Unity?

That sounds like a nice idea and I’ve concerned it. However, I’m also planning to teach myself C# in order to help me develop the game. I know it would be difficult to get into coding and I’ve attempted coding before but, I plan on focusing on what I need to know to the exclusion of everything else.

This really depends. Some types of levels are better made in Blender some are better made in Unity.
You can create things like terrain in Unity but things like houses are made in Blender.
Things like streets depends.

The official Unreal website has very good tutorials for all kinds of diciplines from beginner to expert. I bet Unity has something similar. It is probably best to just start doing these.

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Hi @Online_Address,

I’m new to Blender. I hope some of he information I’ve found is useful.

  1. modular buildings that have an inside…
    There are two architectural add-ons named ArchiPack and ArchiMesh that you might be able to use to build low-poly buildings. Both have free offerings. One is a freebie that is pretty functional. And the author plans to keep updating (I think for free upgrades, but don’t quote me). The other has two versions: Free which has a lower version number and poor-to-mediocre documentation, but can build building structures efficiently and effectively. The paid version has a higher version number, and offers better documentation and features (don’t know how much because I can’t afford to pay). The free, older version can give you a good idea, and possibly do the job for you. Both of them offer stair-case building.
    —> I forget which is which, but they’re easy to find. Download and test.

  2. game level building tutorials…
    I don’t know any, but as an old programmer, and someone who did 3D modeling/animation in the late 1990s, I strongly support the advice to learn from Unity’s tutorials. Unity has a vested interest in you succeeding. The more developers who use their product, the better standing and eventual profit potential they gain.

  3. low-poly character design in blender…
    I discovered a channel on YouTube, Royal Skies LLC that shows how to do almost everything in Blender. He even has a playlist called Unity 3D Game Design Tutorials FAST!!! that might address your conversion needs.
    He’s great because he built all his vids as short, concise, How-To-Do-One-Specific-Thing, and covers game development specifically. The only downsides are that he’s doing a cross between low-and-mid-poly, and the only character he shows is his heroine character, a female human adult designed for a 3rd-person shooter. He also goes into showing you how to animate cycles for resting, walking, jumping, etc. Another good thing is that he shares how to do everything without advertising for a pay-tutorial. His goal is to help developing game developers, and he was funded by his own group of Patreon patrons.

THIS EXAMPLE might answer your question about modeling characters: EVERY Low Poly Modeling BLENDER Technique (That I use -) is possibly his longest tutorial at 6m:40s.

I hope you find this helpful. If you like what he did, it would be nice to subscribe to him for all the help he offers.

  1. transparent background textures tutorial…
    I don’t understand what you’re asking for with “transparent background textures”-yadda yadda. I’m still trying to learn Blender. Perhaps someone else can help there. Maybe Royal Skies LLC has something in his playlist.

I wish you the best of success in your venture, and hope I didn’t waste your time.

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