I want to make my fluid sim into a mesh


I have a nice fluid sim, and I want to convert one frame of it into a true mesh, that I can edit in edit mode, apply a subsurf to it, export it to indigo, etc etc…

How can I do this?


Hi Kyle, It should be just a case of converting it to a mesh by pressing alt-c
Be warned though, it seems that you can only edit that single selected frame (the mesh convert) as a mesh thereafter.

Be sure to delete the original sim or move it to another layer as not to have rendering problems later on.


No, that doesn’t work, it still keeps it as a fluid sim… :\

You need a Python script that reads one of the generated fluid sim files, and convert it into a mesh. It shouldn’t be hard to do, I did it once, its a plain binary format.

you can’t edit it as is but you can certainly apply subsurf and materials. my problem with post-subsurfing fluids is that the boundaries for interactions shrink because it uses the original mesh as the ss cage. you can “cheat” it a little bit with certain things but otherwise it usually doesn’t look right, especially at the edges. good luck, if you get it let me know. I’ve wanted to do this for a matrix style freeze/camera pan

Export to OBJ and import it back, exporters use raw mesh data so thy will work

Does it work for softbodies too? so I can edit a cloth sim? (i’m being lazy

yes yes it works

Hi kyle91,

you could also use this script:
This lets you directly import the fluidsim meshes from the import menu. I’ll also put this in the wiki, seems to be a common issue…

-> Nils

Yeah, I tried the OBJ thing, but since it is a very high-rez it crashes the exporter :\

Im trying the bobj importer now, thanks a bunch :slight_smile: