i want to make stuff move on command!

I have some questions about the game engine i need answered, they are prolly really easy:

1: in my default blender 2.34(or whatever the latest version is) when i go into logic buttons(little pack man) and try to make an object an actor, why is it that there is no actor button there?

2: if this problem is fixed i wouldnt mind learning how to make a decent game without using code, maybe for starters be able to at least make it so when i press a key, an object moves, damn i cant even do that!

answers would be a mighty help in my quest to make the awsomestest game ever
…man i am such a n00b…oh yea, happy blending!

  1. Set physics engine in World buttons, Mist/Star/Physics panel to Sumo.

  2. In Logic buttons add Keyboard sensor, AND controller and Motion actuator, set some values to them, join them together and you can try to play your game.

thank you for your help but i needed to refrase my question, it is a bit more complicated than that.

i did get past not being able to make objects actors bit i still cant on my default blender. but in any case that is irrelavent. i make the object, i go to logic buttons, i make it a dynamic actor. if i press play, it falls to the table or falls forever if there is no table. then i make a keboard sensor with the button “T” as the button, then i make an ANDcontroller and link them, then i make a motion actuator and make the y value 0.60 and link it all. i press play and the object drops to the table, then i press “T” and guess what? nothing!!! not that i am angry at the answer u gave me, blender tutorials said the same thing and it didnt work then either.

If i look at my dos thing after i press play and nothing happens it says:
sys-init: warning - no sitedirs added from site module

WTH does that mean??? and it shows up when i first open aswell with this too!: ‘import site’ failed; use -v for traceback

i think it has something to do with my firewalls please i need help!!!

the dos message means you havent’a full python installation or you haven’t set your python path (some plugin-scripts require a full py-install). don’t bother with that, logic bricks work without.

i think the value (.60) you entered is too low. i assume this is a force in y direction. since the game engine tries to reflect real worl newtonian phisics, you have to pay attention to the relationships between mass, friction, and forces. so i further assume the force of 0.6 (newton??) is far too low to move your object which has the mass of 1 (kilogram?), considering that there is friction between your object and the table. try tweaking the values and see how your object behaves.

good luck


earghhh! i must be doing something wrong! i set the value to 1000 and it still didnt do anything!

anyone who thinks this stuff is easy should be shot

i still need some help, anything else anyone can tell me please?

i did it finally, now on to bigger things…