I want to make this cutted shape

I would like to make this shape here in blender wiht the Subdivision Modifier but I’m not able to make it even with rings. It is a hard cutted shape along a curved one and I bet it’s using Subdivion modifier. Here I’m also using a Solidify modifier to make it thicker.

Cutting with rings

Cutted edge

Image credits: Nike - Arezoo from Dibbble
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Perhaps you can try to make the needed shape and then cut it out with knife project.

So by applying the subdivision and then cutting it? But the problem still remains

I would model it flat and then bend it into shape.

You could model one half of it and use a mirror modifier. You might even be able to use the shrink wrap modifier to wrap it around your shoe shape.

Alternatively, model your shoe shape, duplicate it and use knife project from the side view to cut it out.

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That second option may work. I’ve tried to extract the form from a shoe-like shape and with a little workaround it worked similarly.

With some bevel and edge connection the shape is more sharp.

But I believe there’s a better and easier way to make it.