I want to re-learn blender

I have been working with blender ever since I was a kid and what I have noticed is that my knowledge is therefore really airy and not detailed enough. I can make a good model and get nice materials on it but for example I dont know how to create and manage a complex nature scene. I have since than tried to learn web development and now know that you can learn a complex system of technologies and tools in just about 6 months. So with this new learned knowledge on “how to learn” I want to start over with blender again because there is no better way to express beauty (other than drawing which I suck at) of the world then in 3D, cliché indeed. Now where do I start, I obviously dont need to relearn on how to use edit/object mode but I also dont want to skip over edit mode tools and vertex manipulation, because expertise really lies somewhere in the details. This is a though balance to keep, I also want to learn blender from A to Z literally. I want to know what all the modifiers/constraints/tools do (which I have gone through but forgot immediately after). Is there any full course or some sorta enclosed giant knowledge library that I could look through? I am sure I am not the only one relearning blender like this and if not then I will have to compromise and seep throught the boring parts rather than to have shaky foundations at best. I dont care about the progress I have made I just want to go on the right foot in the future. Ps. Not native speaker - sr for my broken english

My recommendation is for creative approaches you check out creative shrimp. For hard surface check out Ponte Ryuuri. And in general first figure out the topic that you want to create whether it is nature or scifi or what not, then go through a ton of YouTube videos to get ideas. Then use your own creativity to put them together

If you want to cover modifiers and other things about Blender, see The CG Essentials

This is a boss of all tutorials:

You can re adapt this technique everywhere, say for example for the nature scene:
Jello → Landscape
Sugar → Rocks
Transparent Material → Diffuse material + ground texture

First you do the first experiment, where you try to setup everything using blocks and cubes, and once everything looks good. You start replacing the template blocks with actual details.

Once you learn the techniques and how they work you only have to figure out the small details. As what is the material of a rock, or how shiny a material should be.